‘My 600-lb. Life’s First Trans Castmember Was 30 – Deadline

Destinee Lashaee, who was the first trans castmember of the TLC reality hit My 600-lb Life, has died at 30, according to a family member’s social media post. No cause of death was given.

“No no no I’m sorry bro,” her brother Wayne Compton wrote Tuesday on Facebook (see it below). “I accept you for who you are, I accept every flaw that come with you, I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt you had nobody else to turn too, I’m sorry you felt you had no other option Destiny wouldn’t of wanted this, lord why keep taking my siblings away, how much can I take💔💔. ”

Destiny was another sibling who had died recently.

Lashaee, who was born Matthew Ventress and raised in foster care, appeared on Season 7 of My 600-lb. Life in 2019. The network’s logline for her episode reads, “Destinee never felt like she fit in. Now, having come out as a 600-pound transgender woman, she likes her curves, but she will need to say goodbye to them if she wants to be approved to transition completely. ” Watch a clip from the episode here:

Destinee Lashaee in 2020

She weighed 699 pounds when she started on the show – and made it clear that she realized she was running out of time. “I feel like all I’m constantly doing is just trying to escape all my depression and pain at this point,” Lashaee said on the show. “And food is the only thing I have to turn to to do that. But the thing that’s saving me every day is also what’s destroying my life now, to the point where I can feel it killing me. “

But Lashaee made serious progress in getting healthy, and by mid-2020 she was showing off her new body in frequent posts on Facebook and Instagram. And after shedding hundreds of pounds, she qualified for skin-removal surgery.

Here is her brother Compton’s Facebook post:

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