Mitch McConnell believes that black people are not real “Americans” The latest celebrity news, sports and entertainment

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Mitch McConnell is on trend on for Freud’s statement, which many consider racist.

The 79-year-old Republican minority leader in the Senate has suggested that black voters are not real Americans. press conference on Wednesday after a bill on voting rights died in the Senate.

Two Democrats, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Cinema, voted with Republican senators to win the 52-48 vote.

During the debate, McConnell accused Democrats of “false hysteria” because of their failed attempt finish flibust.

The Freedom of Vote Act and the John Lewis Electoral Promotion Act would provide for early voting, more ballot boxes and ballots, and so on.

When reporter Pablo Manriquez asked McConnell what he would say to black voters who are concerned about access to the ballot, he replied:

“Well, the concern is absurd. Because if you look at the statistics, African-American voters are voting at the same percentage as Americans.”

He continued: “In a recent poll, 94 percent of Americans thought it was easy to vote. It’s not a problem. Turnout has risen, the biggest turnout since 1900 … they’re being sold goods to support democratic efforts to federalize elections … that was the Democratic goal. for decades. ”

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