Mike Tyson repeatedly punched man for antagonizing him on Jet Blue flight

By Sandra Rose


A Jet Blue passenger was repeatedly punched in the face by former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

TMZ reports the incident happened on a Jet Blue flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida on Wednesday.

“A witness on the plane says as he and his friend were boarding Tyson’s flight … the boxing legend was initially cool with them and the other passengers.

Eventually, though, we’re told Tyson had enough of the guy behind him talking in his ear … and told him to chill. When the guy didn’t, that’s when the witness says Tyson started to throw a few punches at the man’s face. “

Video obtained by TMZ shows the brutal beatdown which left the man bloodied. Mike Tyson then calmly walked off the plane just seconds later.


Tyson was recently involved in a harrowing incident last month when a deranged man pulled out a gun at a comedy club.

The man reportedly challenged Tyson to a fight so he could “upgrade” his “status.”

“All I need is you. All I need is you,” the man said to Tyson before the show’s host shoved him away.

Then the man pulled out a gun but Tyson remained calm and gave the guy a bear hug as patrons ran for their lives.

The man begged Tyson not to call the police, according to The NY Post. The LAPD did not receive a call about the incident.

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