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SPOILER: This story reveals highlights from the finale of the 1st season of HBO Max And just like that…

And just like that…HBO Max Sex in the big city The revival ended the first season, and much remains to be unpacked.

And just like that

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon
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In 10 episodes, fans of the franchise visited New York friends Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Christine Davis) and Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon) about 20 years later Sex in the big city. The ladies are now over 50, and a lot has changed – most notably their fourth champion Samantha Jones (Kim Cattroll) has moved to London.

In the finale of Season 1, Carrie takes an important place in her grief over the loss of her husband Mr. Big (Chris Knott). This place is Paris, a special city for couples, and now the last resting place of the ashes of Big. Returning to the Big Apple, Kerry launched her own podcast with producer Che Diaz (Sarah Ramirez) Franklin (Ivan Hernandez), with whom she shares a sexy kiss in the elevator in the final bars of the episode.

And just like that

Ivan Hernandez
Craig Blankenhorn

Franklin was free to attend after Che announced they were moving to Los Angeles, where they have a pilot presentation of a new series and an end to a series of podcasts. Ah, and Che Miranda’s new love will go together to support.

Wouldn’t a cruel New Yorker like Miranda like to live in Los Angeles, right? So that we don’t forget about the girls ’walks to Hollywood and their future rush to return to Gotham City. Whatever happens, this is a great moment for Miranda, who felt that her life and marriage were frozen. She even went back to her colorist and came out with brown hair before the trip.

The series’ executive producer Michael Patrick King and writers Eliza Zuritsky and Julie Rothenberg told Deadline about And Just Like That … including editing Noth from the finale, Carrie’s meeting with Samantha in Paris, Aidan in absentia and what Stanford expects in the future. Blatch after the loss of Willie Garson.

And just like that

Christine Davis
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Deadline: This season, these favorite characters have embarked on a rather long journey. How did you decide where Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda would be today? Did SJP, Christine and Cynthia, as executive producers, contribute to this?

Michael Patrick King: Before we even started first place, I left when the idea came to have Julie, Eliza and Sarah Jessica be in the mix. Then we went to all the executive producers. We all wanted to sign up and agreed we didn’t want to try to go back and duplicate what we did. We knew time had passed, water under the bridge, and we wanted to make it into the series – where we are now, where they are now, where society is now. And then another huge push was the introduction of different perspectives in the form of new heroes and new writers. So it was exciting. We knew we wanted it to be something special.

Deadline: Although Samantha didn’t come back as a character, her presence was really felt all season. Carrie and Sam even made an appointment in Paris, but we never see that. Did they meet?

IPCA: Yeah, they got together for cocktails, you just didn’t see it.

Julie Rothenberg: We were not invited.

DEADLINE: What understanding can you share of what happened?

MPK: We don’t know. We know they met and drank cocktails and that they were happy to see each other. Who knows what they were talking about? Unlike other shows, we passed that moment and brought Kerry back to New York and into her own life. Like you said, Samantha really felt there. It was felt in us as well. We were glad she was alive in their world as well. Who knows what happened and will you see it someday when we get the second season.

And just like that

Sarita Chowdhury
Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

DEADLINE: What’s happening with Season 2? Updates?

MPK: Now we are talking about storylines with the actors and with the network. I mean, it’s a very lively franchise – so to speak.

Deadline: Can we see that Stanford Blatch will die next season, after the loss of Willie Garson’s mental loss?

MPK: We are not interested and do not plan to kill Stanford. None.

Term: So he will be in Japan forever?

IPC: Maybe. People change. People live in different places. It’s not something we’ve even discussed at the moment because it’s so sad. We had 10 complete, real, hilarious episodes for Stanford. They’re just gone, and there’s nothing juicy in a real death, a fictional death that can be built around. Everyone knows Willie is gone, so there’s no real trick we’d try to do to make that unrealistic. We can’t get Willie back, so I don’t think we’ll even try to get Stanford back because that’s a lot.

JR: As Michael said, we built this whole season for Stanford, and there was a lot of Stanford and Anthony, and Stanford, and Carrie, and Stanford, and the whole gang. It was very quickly as soon as we learned that he would no longer be able to work and that was the last time you saw him in the third episode. So we had to along with handling the shock of this real tragedy, we had to quickly rethink the rest of the season. We decided to send him to Japan and it was true to the kind of comically funny that he represents this TikTok star. We wanted to give him a proper conduct, not a tragic one, which unfortunately coincides with the real fate he faced.

Eliza Zuritsky: I like to think of him during this great adventure, and I think he becomes one of those favorite friends in your life who are leaving and you always love them. Sometimes you connect, but if you saw them tomorrow, you would be picked up, just like any other day. I agree that resolving this in another way would be wrong.

Deadline: The production was filmed a lot in Paris, as we saw in the photo paparazzi. What can you say about Chris Note’s editing in the finale and whether it was more in Carrie’s dream?

IPC: There was a longer version of the dream that we may still have looked at artistically as creators to see if it works or not. I mean, the dream is always a little tricky, and we mostly wanted to focus the show on Carrie and her travels, trying to unleash the idea of ​​her holding Mr. Big. So the dream is still there because it was part of their past, but there was no reason to show more than we showed that would not diminish the work we did in the real show, compared to the noise of people on- for the show I want to talk about another aspect of why Mr. Great is present or not in the show.

Deadline: There were rumors that Natasha (Bridget Moinahan) had returned and secretly gave birth to one of Big’s sons. What can you share?

IPC: [Laughs] You’re doing at this point what everyone is doing: you’re looking at the show the way it is The Da Vinci Code. Looking at the show and saying, “Sure! The money is for a child Kerry doesn’t know about. ” At this point, the fan fiction prevails. People write very exciting versions of the show.

junior: Season 2 does not need to be written, it is already being written. We’ve heard people say Carrie and Steve now [David Eigenberg] were going to get together.

Deadline: Can we talk about it?

IPCA: We like the way people invest in shows, it’s almost interactive in a great way. Everyone who makes television, movies or writes books has worked so hard to get the audience involved in the way they write. So all the assumptions make me happy.

THIS IS: I remember the day we filmed their conversation. I admit that I could only imagine it because they physically looked cute together.

junior: There was a closeness and connection between them.

Term: I know it’s a TV, but at the moment it’s too incestuous. Would you agree?

juniorA: I’m glad you summed up the rice.

IPC: For us it may be too far.

DEADLINE: The elephant in the room needs to be addressed. John Corbett said he would return, and did not return. What happened?

junior: John Corbett has to write personal notes with apologies. We said nothing.

Deadline: at this point do you think Aidan and Kerry are all old news?

IPCA: No, there is no old news about Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett as actors, creatures and interests. The thing is, we never said anything about Aidan like we never said anything about Steve and Carrie or the meeting. We always try to be very restrained and look at the reality of what people are going through, and it has nothing to do with whether Aidan is coming or not coming. It was really just a feeling that it was a lot for Carrie. There have been a lot this season. We wanted to bring it to light – the last episode is called “Seeing the Light”. We wanted to pull her out. [Aidan’s return] it’s a great story that everyone at home has written that we never planned.

Deadline: When it comes to resurrecting the former, people want Debbie (Ellen Fuixis) to come back and be with Steve. What do you say?

IPC: Debbie was a gimmick. So I’m sure Debbie was caught.

THIS IS: As Carrie says, the future is not yet written, and anything is possible.

Deadline: Fans weren’t happy that Miranda betrayed Steve, especially after everything that happened when Steve betrayed her. Did she forget what it was?

IPCA: I don’t think it was a decision in her head. The idea you are talking about is that she made this thoughtful choice to move away from what would harm people. I think the storyline is with Miranda, to Che, so let’s put Che there. Let’s just say Miranda’s life has a power that gives us writers the opportunity to explore what will happen when Miranda first falls in love. We wonder if she would stop thinking with her head and start following her heart, which, by the way, is all Carrie. And yet, it worked well for her, even though there were hundreds of red flags to keep from doing so [Mr. Big] relationship. These are just 10 episodes.

Have you ever felt out of control? But the most self-controlled character that got out of control was a really interesting color and a kind of free-spirited color. But what everyone forgot, Miranda has always been an anarchist. She has always disrupted traditional roles. She was involved in that marriage alone. She didn’t even want to do it. And yes, Steve’s strength made her go there because he was so loving. For this reason, we brought him. But Miranda was never Susie’s mistress. In episode 9, she says, “It’s not enough for me or ever. I don’t even know if it was ever. ” So we are loyal to this character. People don’t want this marriage to fall apart, but I think it’s fun that it’s out of control. She got out of control on the plan.

junior: Speaking of what he cheated on her, could it suggest that as humans we work mathematically, and since this equation happened that day, how could she do it? In fact we all live, breathe, and sometimes we do things that don’t make sense and aren’t necessarily ethically correct. These are defective characters. That’s why we love writing them because they’re not always virtuous. And the way she found out how unhappy she was with Steve, I think the light that was lit was a spark from Che. We all firmly felt that Che was not the cause of the divorce, her marriage ended up in an unprotected place. If it weren’t for Che, I guarantee it would have been something else.

IPC: Julie, you say she was unhappy with Steve, but I think she’s more unhappy with herself. She freed most of her life. She decided that would not be the case again. I don’t love myself like this person.

Deadline: The episode ends with Carrie and Franklin and a kiss. What do you think about the future? Great novel or intrigue?

MPK: When it comes to love, who knows? We wanted parallels between the first kiss with Peter [Jon Tenney]where she says there was no surprise and so much about it. This new thing is coming out of nowhere, and we wanted to show that it can happen literally when you least expect it, and that it can be in your backyard. No matter how classic this plot was, it was there all the time and she couldn’t see it. Now, who knows? What happened behind that door, what will happen next? We don’t know yet.

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