Mattea Roach earns her 22nd Jeopardy! win – and a House of Commons shout-out

Canada’s most successful Jeopardy! contestant scooped up another win Wednesday night, further cementing her spot as one of the TV quiz show’s all-time greats.

It happened on the same day that Mattea Roach got an unexpected shout-out in the House of Commons.

Roach – who has the fifth-longest streak in Jeopardy! history – clinched her 22nd win by correctly answering a question about the American Civil War in Final Jeopardy.

She had such a commanding lead that she won against her opponent even while wagering $ 0 on her answer. “I made perhaps the most responsible wager of all,” said Roach, who is known for her modest bets.

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All in all, Roach took home another $ 28,400, bringing her total winnings to $ 534,984 USD.

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Roach, a 23-year-old originally from Halifax who now works as a tutor in Toronto, has had an impressive run so far. According to Jeopardy! ‘S daily box scores, throughout her 22-episode run she answered 592 questions correctly and 50 incorrectly, giving her an accuracy rate of 92 per cent.

She will need to win 32 games in a row to knock James Holzhauer out of the fourth-place spot for the longest Jeopardy! streak.

Canadians are taking note of Roach’s unusually long streak, with Halifax MP Andy Fillmore giving her a special shout-out at the House of Commons earlier on Wednesday.

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“Mr. Speaker, I’ll take record-breaking Canadians for $ 2,000. Answer: with 21 consecutive wins and counting, totalling over half a million dollars, she is the most successful Canadian to ever compete on Jeopardy!”Fillmore said.

“The question: Who is Mattea Roach?”

He took note of Roach’s ties to Halifax – where she grew up and attended the Sacred Heart School of Halifax – as well as Toronto and Ottawa during his short speech, and said she is showing “no signs of slowing down.”

“I’d wager all the Daily Double that there’s still a lot more to come,” he said. “Way to go, Matthew!”

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