Mastram producers to make multi-season web series about Dad’s family: Bollywood news

Rattan Tata was in the news a few days after his company, Tata Group, handed over the helm to Air India from the government. Bollywood Hungama now learned that the life story of this beloved businessman and Dad’s family will be documented in a future web series.

The producers of Mastram will create a multi-season web series about Dad’s family

Almighty Motion Picture, a production house that supported a very successful erotic show, master (2020), acquired the rights to the book “Tatas: how the family built the business and the nation”, written by the famous journalist Girish Kuber. Problin Kaur Sandhu, who heads the Almighty Motion Picture, confirmed to the daily that they do have rights to the sensational book and that they plan to do at least three seasons. She also added that the show will shed light not only on Ratan Tatu but also on his ancestors.

Until writing and research has begun, the casting will only take place after the script is blocked. However, sources claim that the creators are looking for famous names for the role of Ratan Tata and others in the Tata family. “The whole country is delighted with Tatas’ contribution to building our nation. This is one show that everyone will enjoy watching. So, he has a huge potential, and the creators want to sign big but talented names, because it can increase the excitement around the show, ”the source said. Filming is expected to begin in late 2022.

The book “The Tatas: How A Family Built A Business and A Nation” begins with the story of Nuserwanji Dad, who was born into a priest’s family in 1822 in Nawsara, Gujarat. He headed to Bombay and started trading in cotton. His son, Jamsetji Tata, grew into a very successful business, and one of his many achievements was the creation of the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. The way others from the Tata family, such as Dorabji Tata, JRD Tata, Ratan Tata, etc., endured the empire and made it such a great success is the essence of the book.


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