Man with 33 kids slams trolls who say his pull-out game is weak (Video)

Photo may have been deleted


Demond “The Legend” George is best known for fathering 33 children with multiple women. He took offense to social media users saying his pull-out game is weak.

Demond went viral this week when he posted a new photo that showed 24 of his 33 kids (he said 9 of his kids were missing from the photo).

He captioned the image:

“The LEGEND The LEGACY WILL LIVE FOREVER … I want to thank my kids mothers for helping me make dis day possible I want to thank Rushelle Leonard & Emmalee Ja’Shay Carraway Mecie Okra & Uncle Billy Jackson Nana @ Tammy LaNell Miles also Kortlyn Nycole for staying & helping with my kids thanks Nykedra Kedrapooh Haggerty for our photo shoot & being understanding with 9 missing it still turned out good I’m truly blessed … with nine other children missing [sic]. “

Social media trolls had a field day taunting him. Demond ignored most of the clownery, but he drew the line at trolls saying his pull-out game is weak.

Demond posted a video that answered one question: how he supports his children.

During his rant, Demond pulled a thick wad of cash from his pocket and yelled “I’m still that ni ** a with 30!”

He also addressed the claim that his pull-out game is weak: “My pull-out game ain’t weak, I just don’t pull out!”

CAUTION: The video below contains excessive profanity.

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