Man Drops Dead While Burying His Murder Victim

By Sandra Rose

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South Carolina police solved a woman’s murder after her killer dropped dead while burying the body in his backyard.

Police responded to a 911 call about an unresponsive man in the backyard of a Trenton home on Saturday.

Sheriff Jody Rowland said deputies responded to the home to check on “an unresponsive male lying in his yard.”

Deputies found Joseph McKinnon’s body near a freshly dug grave. While investigating his death deputies inspected the makeshift grave and found the body of McKinnon’s girlfriend Patricia Dent, 65.

Authorities theorize that McKinnon, 60, killed Dent inside the home then buried her body in the yard. He was in the process of covering the hole with dirt when he suffered an apparent cardiac arrest and died.

An autopsy determined Dent died by strangulation. Her body was bound and wrapped in trash bags before being placed in the hole. The grave was partially filled with dirt when McKinnon collapsed and died.

McKinnon and Dent lived in the home together. She was supposed to be at work at the Mount Vintage golf course the day she died, but she didn’t show up and didn’t respond to calls and texts according to reports.

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