LOOOP LAPETA works through an experimental plot, a stylized story and a performance by Taopsi Virgo.

Looop Lapeta review {2.5 / 5} and review rating

LOOP LAPETA is a story of a girl in a race against time to save her boyfriend. Savina Borkar, also known as Savi (Taopsi Pannu), is an athlete from Goa. She is coached by her father Atul Borkar (KC Shankar) and he dreams of her becoming a successful athlete. During the race she stumbles and damages her knee so badly that she can no longer race. She falls into depression and is about to end her life when she stumbles upon Satyajita, aka Satya (Tahir Raj Bhasin). Both fall in love and move in together. Satya wants to get rich using shortcut methods. He tries his hand at gambling, but does not get the desired result. He starts working for Victor (Dibienda Bhattacharya), a gangster restaurateur. Savi, meanwhile, is taking on the job of caring for an eight-year-old (Abdul Majid Sheikh). On Savi’s birthday, caring for an elderly patient in his restroom, she realizes she is pregnant. She is addicted to drugs, and that’s when Satya calls her. He is in a panic and tells her that Victor told him to deliver the parcel to the man and bring cash worth Rs. 50 lakhs in return. Victor gave him 80 minutes to complete the work. Satya delivered the package and got the money. Returning to Victor’s restaurant on the bus, Satya starts smoking a pot with a traveler. Police officers board the bus at the bus stop. Realizing that Satya is smoking a banned substance, they try to grab him. A frightened Satya runs away from the bus. Outwitting the police, he realizes that he forgot the bag in the bus, which contains money. So he calls Savi and asks her for help. Savi advises him to go to the bus depot where the bus is heading. Satya follows directions and even finds a bus. However, the bag is gone. Meanwhile, she runs away and meets her father, with whom she severed all ties after the accident and after she started dating Satya. Savi asks him to pay Rs. 50 lakhs. He immediately refuses. She shows him her middle finger and walks away. She gets into a taxi driven by a man named Jacob (Samir Kevin Roy). She asks him to take him to Satya. However, Jacob refuses because he is depressed because his girlfriend Julia (Shreya Dhanvantari) is marrying someone else. An angry Savi breaks the side mirror. Police officer David Kolaka (Bhupesh Bandekar) witnesses Savi smashing Jacob’s taxi. He runs after her. Meanwhile, having no other option, Satya is trying to steal from a jewelry store called Shree Mamlesh Charan Chaddhaji & Sons Jewelers. It is ruled by Mamlesh (Rajendra Chaula), who insults his two sons, Appa (Manik Papneja) and Gapu (Raga Raj Kakker). Fortunately, Appu and Gapu are tired of the daily humiliation. They are also going to rob a jewelry store at the same time. Satya goes to the store and steals money from the locker. When he is about to run away, Appu and Gapu enter. Savi reaches the store and helps Satie escape. In the alley, Satya and Savi rejoice when Mamlesh lands and shoots Satya. Suddenly Savi finds himself in the toilet again with a pregnancy kit in hand. She needs some time to realize that she is back in the past. Satya calls her and informs him about the mess. She realizes that she has another chance to save Sati’s life. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

Lopeta loop

LOOOP LAPETA is based on the 1998 German film “RUN, LOLA RUN” (written and directed by Tom Tykwer; produced by Stefan Arndt). The story is interesting and experimental. Not many films in India have been made in this genre, although the GAME is over [2019] was based on the concept of the loop of time, and it also starred Taopsi. However, this is not reminded at all, because LOOOP LAPETA has completely different settings and performance. The script of Vinaya Chkhavala, Ketana Pedgaonkara, Aakasha Bhatia and Arnava Vepa Nandura is amusing in places, but the side tracks are weak. There was also plenty of room for humor, but the creators missed the chance. The dialogues of Vinaya Chhavala, Ketana Pedgaonkara, Aakash Bhatia and Arnava Vepa Nandura (additional dialogues by Punita Chadha) are witty and funny.

The direction of Aakash Bhatia is technically quite strong. He made excellent use of music and cinematography and gave the film a very stylish performance. The film lasts 135 minutes, but for a second does not seem boring and addictive. One is completely engrossed in the story and looks forward to what will happen next. On the other hand, the story is forced to follow Julia. In the third attempt Savi could have simply avoided hitting Jacob and getting involved in the Julia problem. However, she tries to help her escape. In the process, she sets aside a mission to save her boyfriend and arrange a rupee. 50 lakhs in 50 minutes! Shocking, but on the third try she even goes to the casino on a cruise, and one can wonder how she took the time to do so many activities in less than an hour! The track Sons of Jewelers has a role in the main plot, but is too childish. As for the father’s track, it’s well written but doesn’t evoke emotion.

Speaking of performances, Taopsi Virgo is, as always, wonderful. The script may be faulty, but it does its best to climb over it and it makes the movie available for viewing. Tahir Raj Bhasin is decent, but in some scenes he looks out of place. Dibiendu Bhattacharya is suitable for this role. Shreya Dhanvantari does a great job and her monologue is magnificent. However, as mentioned above, her track is unnecessarily thrown into the script. Samir Kevin Roy is fine. Raghav Raj Kakker, fondly remembered for his role as “Karamchand” in the 1992 SCAM web series [2020]and Manic Papney is trying too hard to be funny. The same goes for Bhupesh Bandekara. Rajendra Chaula is a little better. KC Shankar checkpoint. Abdul Majid Sheikh is lovely. Alistair Benis (Robert) and Varun Pande (Iasi; Atula Borkar’s boyfriend) are fine.

Music has receded into the background and will not have an expiration date. The title song has an exciting atmosphere. “Bekaraar” a little memorable. Nirvana and Terra Mera don’t impress. The background of Rahul Pais and Nariman Hambata is fascinating and corresponds to the general mood of the film. Cameraman Yasha Hanna is stylish and unique. Rarely have you seen such camera work. Aedjaz Gulab’s action is realistic. The production of Prodip Paul Francis and Dee Mukherjee is a bit theatrical. Indraksha Pattanaika’s costumes have a Goa stamp. The crop tops worn by Taapse are quite chic. The installation of Prima Kumar’s Priyanka is quite stylized. Finally, Sakha’s Debut Sequence and animation are memorable.

Overall, LOOOP LAPETA works through an experimental storyline, a stylized story and a performance by Taopsi Virgo. However, thanks to the gaps in the script and the weak side tracks, the film at best turns out to be of average cost.

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