Kim Kardashian kills Kanye West after he said North was “included in TikTok against” his “will”

Kanye West talks about his daughter Northwest be on TikTok.

But an estranged wife Kim Kardashian does not care about how the rapper perceives North’s activities on social networks, nor about how he decided to reveal all this on Friday in such a public way.

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The conversation at TikTok started this morning when you got started Instagram and posted VALIMY GREAT headlines about his 8-year-old daughter’s activities on social media amid his divorce from his mother:



Well, first of all, “my first divorce” is a shade of the next level, aimed at Kim, who, of course, has been divorced several times. What a ridiculous and immature thing to put out there in public! What is the use of lobbying for such insults ?! So toxic! But more importantly for our purposes, it’s the Chicago native’s decision to post his family drama online!

As you can see (below), he brazenly took a screenshot of Nora’s TikTok clip while posting the complaint:

He resists the situation by doing so! Why share everything with the world ?? Why not just reach out to Kim and express concern about using North on social media ??? As predicted, thousands of IG users immediately commented on Ye’s publication, with some advising that he should keep private matters private (below):

“Remove it, she shouldn’t be online until she’s 16 years old”

“Man take it away, keep it private.”

“Talk to @kimkardashian again. Try to gain her understanding from your point of view. “

“Take Kimberly to court !!! Take care of your children, she manipulates them and tries to impersonate you. “

“If the north wants to do it, let it. I mean, as long as she doesn’t do anything obscene, it won’t be a problem, right? maybe you can talk to the north about the restrictions in the app “

“Keep what’s private and talk to your lawyers, not online”

“You please remove this, it’s unfair to the north”

“Talk about it with Kimi”

“Like and share a tick, brother, give her power”

OMG, this is the last comment! NGL, this is a small funny. LOLz!

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However, in general the situation is serious. In fact so seriously that Kim reacted IMMEDIATELY.

Getting a page from Kanye’s play, KUWTK the tycoon also made his statement public. I write in a letter to IG Stories, which was also published on Friday morning almost immediately after the remarks of E. Kim explained (below):

“Kanye’s constant attacks on me in interviews and on social media are actually more painful than any TikTok North can create. As a father, who is the main supplier and caregiver of our children, I do my best to protect our daughter and also allow her to express her creativity in the way she wants, under the supervision of adults – because it brings her happiness. “

She continued:

“Divorce is hard enough for our children, and Kanye’s obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly only hurts everyone even more. From the beginning, I wanted nothing but a healthy and supportive parenting relationship because it’s best for our children, and I’m saddened that Kanye continues to make it impossible at every turn. ”

From that moment on, the reality TV star and business tycoon came to the conclusion, calling Kanye directly for his outright refusal to continue the divorce to make their split official. A mother of four wrote:

“I want to address all issues concerning our children in private, and I hope he will finally be able to respond to the third lawyer he has had over the last year to resolve any issues amicably.”

WOW !!!

Here is a screenshot of her full post:

Kim Kardashian kills Kanye West after he said the Northwest was
Kim did not hesitate to publicly respond to Kanye’s controversial comments on TikTok. / (c) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

This is a STRONG answer! Of course, Kanye had previously expressed dissatisfaction with North’s activity on social media, so today is not quite left. But it’s not like North is left to herself in the app! In fact, Kim recently scolded the little girl for going live on TikTok without her mom’s permission. Even Mason Dick followed North on the Internet to limit its use on social media.

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Also, if Kanye has such a problem with the fact that his daughter is on social media – it’s perfectly fair !!! – he must be an adult and go to Kim directly and privately and understand everything. Go for IG as it is not healthy and productive! He also needs to move forward his first divorce (ugh) and just make it official. It’s been a long time and Kim is clearly ready to continue her life. Fair fair!

What do you think Perezcious readers ?? Your thoughts on this in the comments (below) …

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