Kim Kardashian Blasted As ‘Unhinged’ For ‘Darkening’ Niece Stormi’s Skin Using Photoshop!

Perhaps Kim Kardashian should have remained silent on this one…

The reality star is now being called “unhinged” after she admitted to photoshopping True Thompson‘s face onto Storms Webster‘s body to make it look like Khloé Kardashian‘s daughter had enjoyed a fun day at Disneyland alongside Chicago West – instead of her other niece. Damn!

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Earlier this week, the beauty mogul took to her Instagram Story to finally admit to the photoshop fail, explaining that she wanted to post a pic of the day at the theme park but Kylie Jenner didn’t want pics of Stormi up. However, Kim’s devotion to her IG “aesthetic” was more important to her, as she explained:

“The original pics were Stormi! However I asked @kyliejenner if I could post them and she said she wasn’t really feeling posting at the moment and so I respect that! But if it wasn’t going to mess up my IG feed. Chi was wearing pink and it matched perfectly ”

So, rather than just not post the pics, Kimmy Kakes thought she could get away with a little doctoring, but the boy was she wrong !! The conspiracy theory first proposed by eagle-eyed fans back in January was accidentally confirmed when Khloé mentioned when True’s first trip to Disney really was. But unfortunately for Kim that was far from the end of it. The truth has only knocked over more dominoes, and now fans are slamming the mom of four for her actions, especially for the seemingly “darkening” Stormi’s skin tone to match True’s. Ooh, what ??

A Reddit user was the first to call the detail to attention in a new thread following Pete Davidson‘s girlfriend’s revelation, pointing out that not only had The Kardashians star replaced Stormi’s face with True’s, but she also had darkened Stormi’s hand to match the other’s face better. The furious user wrote:

“KIM DARKENED THE SKIN ON STORMI’S HAND TO MATCH TRUE. I need everyone to seriously understand how disgusting and unhinged this is. So incredibly wrong. ”

And MANY others felt the same way, adding:

“This whole thing is deranged. she thinks she’s being snarky and funny, but it’s honestly such embarrassing behavior from a grown woman. and the jokes are falling flat. ”

“This is beyond aesthetic”

“Kim has no limits. feel sorry for her kids. ”

“Black mirror episode”

“She goes way too far & in her mind she fights off any hint of thinking this is wrong & pushing off her conscience.”

“In no way is this normal behavior. They are clearly going to have to explain these headlines to the kids one day. What a bizarre life. I feel sorry for the children. ”

Yikes… Certainly not the reaction Kim thought she’d receive after trying to laugh the whole thing off in her IG Story!

As mentioned, the 41-year-old released the original snapshot from the amusement park on Wednesday which featured Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s firstborn holding a Little Mermaid toy. While she admitted to swapping out the girls, she seemed to have no qualms about the situation – except for the fact that she got caught! Check out her full explanation (below).

Kim Denies Altering Pete's Jawline & Explains Why She Photoshopped True Thompson In THOSE Disney Pics!
/ (c) Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Unfortunately for her, no amount of jokes or emojis is going to get her out of this controversy. In fact, Reddit wasn’t the only social network fed up with the news. A whole bunch of KarJenner fans took it Twitter to hash out their frustration as well.

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The bird app filled up with critics who found themselves “weirded out” by the whole thing, musing:

“Photoshopping and filtering a child [is] beyond weird ”

“The amount of therapy these poor children will need just breaks my heart.”

“This read like a parody account post but the fact that it was really her…”

“The way she thinks this is normal thinking / living and could simply explain it away to her followers… but now I’m more weirded out.”

“They are on another planet”

Most significantly, fans of the famous family seem most concerned about the message this sends to children – and it’s a pretty good depressing point though. One person worried:

“This is kind of sick. Kim Kardashian explains why she photoshopped True’s head on to Stormi’s body in Disneyland pics – it was to maintain the aesthetic & color scheme of her Instagram grid, when Kylie wouldn’t give her permission to post Stormi. Poor kids are interchangeable. ”

Oof. While we have to believe Kim knows the kids aren’t “interchangeable,” a photoshop fail like this does call her actions into question. Not to mention how strange it will be to explain this to the kiddos one day !! Going through the old photos and realizing, “Wait, WHO was at Disney that day ??”

Kim hasn’t commented on the reignited controversy yet. Who knows if she will at this point – fans seem particularly heated about this topic and if her OG post was any indication, she doesn’t seem to match their concern over switching one child for another in a photo. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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