Killers may have used Apple AirTag to stalk Chicago rapper FBG Cash

Photo may have been deleted


Chicago police are investigating reports that rapper FBG Cash’s killers may have placed an Apple AirTag on his Kia SUV to easily track him after he left a club an hour before he was killed.

The 31-year-old drill rap legend was shot 13 times and killed in the early morning hours of June 10 in Chicago.

Surveillance video shows a black Cadillac blocking FBG Cash’s Kia SUV at an intersection on the 1600 block of W. 81st Street. 2 men jumped out of the car and opened fire. Cash tried to flee on foot but he was gunned down.

The suspects remain at large.

Photo may have been deleted


FBG Cash’s five surviving children took a photo with a life-size cutout of their father at his funeral in Chicago last week.

Now there are rumors that the killers placed an Airtag on the undercarriage of his Kia SUV before he left a nightclub the morning of his murder.

Photo may have been deleted


Apple released the first generation AirTags in 2021 to track the location of misplaced items such as keys and wallets.

But Apple has delayed launching second generation AirTags due to widespread news reports of criminals using the tracking devices to stalk victims.

A second generation AirTag may be equipped with anti-tracking features to prevent lawbreakers from using them to commit crimes.

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