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Julia Fox bypasses. According to Page Six, Julia was hooked Drake – and even moved in with him before dating Kanye Westaka E.

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Sources say Page six that the Canadian rapper went to Julia’s DM on Instagram to congratulate her on the role Adam Sandler‘s movie Uncut gemstones.

Julia thanked Drake, and he invited her to hang out with him. But she was dating her then-boyfriend, Peter Artemyevat that time.

After their relationship broke up later that year, insiders say she is back in touch with Drake on Instagram.


The rapper from Toronto appeared at Bloomingdale’s in New York – where she was doing a promotional concert.

“They closed the store so he could visit,” the source said.

Drake flew to Julia in Los Angeles a few days after Valentine’s Day, where he presented her with two Hermès Birkin bags costing $ 20,000 to $ 500,000.

“Then she left [his hometown] Toronto to stay with him, ”the insider said.


Drake invited her to move in with him at his 50,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto. But a pandemic happened and she had to return across the border before it closed.

Insiders say that Julia returned with Peter Artemyev, and they married after she conceived his son.

It all happened in one year.

Kanye is reportedly upset by Julia for not initially announcing her date with Drake.


Drake and Kanye quarreled many years ago when the rapper Push T released a track from the album, produced by Kanye, which showed that Drake became the father of a secret son from a sex worker.

Drake eventually acknowledged the existence of the said boy Adonis.


Drake and Kanye eventually kissed and reconciled just in time to play a charity concert in December.

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