Juhi Chaula welcomes Delhi HC’s decision to reduce the fine from Rs. 20 lakhs for rupees. 2 lakhs in 5G lawsuit: Bollywood news

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court overturned remarks made by its judge against actor Juha Chaula on a 5G lawsuit. The judge said the lawsuit was filed to get publicity. The court also reduced the costs of the fine imposed on the actress by Rs. 20 lakhs for rupees. 2 Lakh said she did not tackle the 5G problem “lightly and effortlessly”.

Juhi Chaula welcomes Delhi HC’s decision to reduce the fine from Rs.  20 lakhs for rupees.  2 lakh

Welcoming the decision of the HC, Juhi Chaula made a statement. The fine was imposed in connection with her lawsuit challenging 5G wireless technology and her health hazards. The fine was reduced after the actress volunteered to work with the Delhi State Law Office (DSLSA) for marginalized women and children.

“We graciously accept the indulgence of the Delhi High Court and are grateful that the costs have been reduced from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 2 lakhs. In addition, we are happy to collaborate with DSLSA, featuring in DSLSA programs that raise the concerns of women and children in need of legal broadcasting. We are pleased that the High Court has agreed and recognized the seriousness of our campaign to raise awareness of the health risks posed by EMF 5G radiation and encouraged us to continue our efforts, giving us an additional opportunity to seek redress in the future. ” said Juhi in a statement.

In a petition filed by Juhi, she sought research into any adverse effects of radiation emitted when using 5G technology on the “health, life, organ or limb of an adult or child, or on flora and fauna” prior to its official introduction. in the country. He also sought effective research from the government and announced whether the introduction of 5G in India would be safe, given the health and safety of current and future Indian citizens. The request also called on the authorities to contact the Indian Medical Research Council, the Central Pollution Control Council and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India to conduct relevant research on the matter.

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