JJ Abrams, Stephen King, Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz Billy Summers – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot is putting together a limited series package based on the Stephen King bestselling novel Billy Summers. Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz will adapt, Deadline hears, with Zwick directing what will likely be six to ten episodes. The package will be shopped shortly to high end cable networks and streamers.

Ed Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz

This will be Bad Robot’s latest series adaptation with King, after Lisey’s Story, Castle Rock and 11.22.63. Billy Summers is a hitman who is looking to retire, and takes one last highly lucrative job to feather his nest. The job requires him to embed himself in a quiet town, where he pretends to be an aspiring writer (he actually pours himself into the prose). He sets up in an office with a direct view of where hitman Joel Allen will be delivered to a face trial for shooting two men during a poker game. Allen has also committed enough murders for some high level mobsters to be scared the gunman will incriminate his former employers to lessen his sentence. Summers, a meticulous craftsman, becomes more and more cynical about the mobsters who’ve hired him, and his skepticism is well warranted as things go awry following the completion of the job.

There was no comment from Bad Robot, but sources expected this package to move quickly.

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