Jensen Eccles was not originally a supporter of the ending of “Supernatural”.

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SPOILERS for Supernatural. After so many years spent hunting monsters, ghosts, vampires, demons and even God himself, it’s hard to imagine an end to the “Supernatural” that would satisfy everyone. It turns out that even Dean Winchester himself was not a fan … at least at first.

The end of c Supernatural found that Dean Winchester dies while working, and Sam lives out his life before dying old and reuniting with his brother in heaven. Jensen Eccles recently spoke on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum about his initial reaction to Supernatural ending.

I don’t think there is a misconception about it, I think people who have had problems with it are confirmed and people who liked it are confirmed. I was in both camps, spent time in both camps. It’s no secret, the first time we heard what would happen at the end of the season, Jared and I flew to Los Angeles and went to the writers ’room before the season started, and we all sat down and they essentially offered us the way they wanted complete a show that was the first time in the history of the Supernatural that ever happened. My initial reaction was, “I don’t like it.” I didn’t [say it right out], I was trying to be respectful, so I said, “Hmm, good.”

After trying to fall asleep with the idea of ​​Dean’s death, Jensen Eccles just couldn’t come to terms with it. «For some reason I always thought that if anyone went, it would be Sam,“Eccles explained,”as a martyr, and Dean would then remain stumbling through the rest of his life, mourning his brother and the rest of his family, and it would be a sad existence, but so it would have happened, or we would both have gone like Butch and Sundance.”Eccles’ wife then invited him to contact the creator of the series Eric Kripke (who left after the fifth season) for instructions. «So he ended up sending me this incredibly well-written email explaining why he thought it was a great ending, and it just put things in perspective for me, and since then I’ve been on board.“Eccles said.”I’m sure I could do it, I’m sure I could call Bob or call Andrew, who was a showrunner at the time and probably had a similar conversation, but I just wanted someone from a stranger’s point of view, another point of view to help me handle this.“What do you think about Supernatural the end?

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