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Jenny May Jenkins and rapper Geezy (Jay Jenkins) finally revealed the name of her newborn baby. But the sex of the child is still a secret, because the child is asexual.

Sources say Jenny and Geezy believe their child should decide what gender to be. It is said that revealing one’s gender identity is a personal decision that the child must make on his or her own.

Jenny, who is now on maternity leave, allowed her star colleagues to reveal her baby’s name on Thursday in an episode Real. Adrienne Baylon said:

“Today is an extremely exciting day because, guess what … we have an update of Baby J. Welcome to the world, Monaco My Jenkins.”

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In a video uploaded to YouTube, Jenny gave fans a peek into her child’s nursery and said she was inspired to name her child after visiting Monaco with her husband.

“It’s really the theme of kindergarten: what is Monaco. Family, moments, travels, discussions, important key moments in my life and the life of Geezi that brought Monaco here.”

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Another celebrities raising gender-fluent children include Will and Jada Pinkett Smith whose children Jaden, 23 and Willow, 21, often overturn their gender.

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Singer Pink and motocross Carrie Hart raise Willow sage, 7 and Jameson Moon, 2, without strict gender restrictions.

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And the pop singer who won a Grammy Adeleson, Angela9, was spotted in a Disney princess dress. “I can’t wait to find out who his best friends will be, who his girlfriend or boyfriend will be or what movies he likes,” she said. TIME magazine.

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