IU, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Jung Min and more confirmed for new web drama OTT Money Game: Bollywood News

South Korean actors AiYu, Ryu Joon Yol, Pak Chong Min, Pak Hee Joon and Pee Son Woo have participated in a future digital series A game of money.

IU, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Jung Min and others confirmed for new web drama OTT Money Game

On January 28, Naver Webtoon spokesman announced that five actors will join the star cast of the new OTT series A game of moneyreports Soompi.

The upcoming drama will be a short series of eight episodes that unfolds around the experiences of 8 participants, based on the work of web animator writer Pe Jin Soo. A game of money and A game of cake.

The drama will depict events that unfold when eight participants find themselves in extreme circumstances when they are cut off from society. Participants repeatedly cooperate and betray each other, because the game ends only when someone dies. The drama will cover fierce emotional struggles and emotional confrontations of participants who want prizes.

A game of money The director will be Han Jae Rim, who will also write the screenplay. The drama will be produced by Studio N, which previously produced Sweet house, Our favorite summer and Yumi cells.

On the labor front, the IU singer recently attracted attention after she was filmed Broker directed by the famous Japanese director Hirakazu Kareda. Ryu Jun Yol has previously appeared in dramas such as Lost and Answer 1988 while Pak Chong Min was recently spotted in the original Netflix series Hell. Actors Pak Hae Joon and Pee Son Wu are known for their roles The world of the married and Beasts clawed into straws respectively.

A game of money Filming is scheduled to begin in the first half of 2022.


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