How to make 2022 the best year for music

Every year we ring the New Year with a full list of well-meaning promises to ourselves. We will finally start practicing with consistency. Get some sleep. Make these connections. Do what we avoided doing. We put all this pressure on ourselves to suddenly become a wildly new and improved version of ourselves. And, as a rule, a lot falls on our music career. We invest the lion’s share of our goals in how to make a better career. And that’s not bad. After all, there is something really inspiring at the start of a new year filled with new opportunities. It can be a new fresh start when we need to finally take action on things we ignore.

But you have to be smart about it, because otherwise it can be very easy to just stock up on the 25 things you want to improve, to the point that you end up completely overwhelmed yourself and stop before you start.

That’s why we wanted to collect some suggestions for those of you who will be working on the classic agenda of “New Year’s New You” in January this year. If we’re going to do that, let’s do this accounting. And by the way, congratulations to you because most people are happy to stay the same and keep trying the same things that don’t work. You are one step ahead!

Start with the big picture – what do you really want?

That sounds like easy. but it is there that many artists first end up. If you are going to achieve all these goals that you have set for yourself, you need to know where you are going. It’s easy to say “I want to make my music a full-time career” or “I want to sign with a label”, but if you’re going to achieve specific goals, you need to have a more specific vision.

So first think about what you want. Like, why do you want to subscribe to a label? What would that mean? What would that allow you to do? Is it really about the label or about having a team? Is it really about signing up or about feeling safe to make music all day?

Figuring out why you want what you want will help you determine if it’s really what you want and if there’s a faster way to achieve it. For example, you might say you want to subscribe to a label, but realize that you really want to earn a decent living on music. Subscribing to a label is not only a difficult task, but also does not guarantee that you will be involved in music full time. So if you really want to play music full time, there may be another, faster way to do it. Or, if it’s really about a label, start researching which labels interest you the most so you can understand which artists are signing, at what stage they signed them, and what you need to do to get their attention.

Whatever your goals, truly understanding why they stand will help you speed things up.

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Break it down into quarterly stages

When we start the new year, then let’s set goals that we can test to make sure we’re on the right track, or adjust as needed. Each quarter (late March, June, September and December) identify the stages that bring you closer to your bigger goal.

Again using the label example, if you decide you really want to subscribe to a label, you can set the task of Q1 to carefully study labels and identify the top 5 options and understand what inspired them to sign authors in the past. Your goal in the 2nd quarter may be to accomplish one of the things that caught their attention (e.g., creating more subscribers on social media, getting a certain number of streams, etc.)

When the end of each quarter comes, register according to the progress of your goals. It’s okay if you don’t knock them down, but it will help keep you in charge and you’ll always be able to tune in. It keeps you on track, regardless of your progress,

What do you really need to focus on?

It is important to ask yourself when you set your quarterly goals as well as in your daily life: “Will this task help you get closer to your goal?” It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by thinking about everything we think needs to be done (or what seems more urgent to us) that everything else falls into the background. For example, how many times have you sat down to do something, like book a tour or go to the press, just to admire the feeling that you need to write on social media or reply to 100 emails or rewrite your resume for the 100th time? But do these things really help you or are you just acting out of a place of anxiety?

It’s easy to overlook the overall picture when every day feels that way on your face.

So find out what you really need to focus on to get closer to this bigger goal. And then plan how you get there

I suggest creating a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week so you know exactly what to do each day to bring you closer to your goal. This will help you not to be distracted or overwhelmed, but instead will allow you to focus and work with intention.

Outsource where you can

If you are just starting out, it is perfectly normal to get involved and try to make a major part of your music career on your own. In fact, as a publicist, I always like it when artists who used to run their own company come to me. But in the end, when you look at growth, you are will be need to hire a team. This can include a manager, publicist, marketer, booking agent – it just depends on where you are and what directly serves the goal you are trying to achieve.

But don’t miss this step. It’s one thing to fail in the first year or two, it’s another to be in 5 years, still trying to do everything yourself and wondering why there is no progress.

Make a budget for the team you need to use to achieve your goals, and then create a plan of how you will do it. (See topic here? Anything is possible if you have a plan and sequence)

Calm down to yourself

Don’t worry about the little things. Everything will change. You will reach certain stages and miss others. It happens – this is not the end of the world. Just keep asking why you haven’t achieved a certain goal and what you can do to fix it in the future. Then tune in and keep moving forward. The worst thing you can do is get upset or give up. Believe me when I say we all have mistakes. The difference between those who succeed and those who struggle is that they keep climbing and trying different things until you find something that works.

2022 is your year. Let’s do it.

Angela Mastrojacoma is the founder and CEO of Muddy Paw PR. She loves ice cream, reality TV and hanging out with her dog Sawyer.

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