“How I Met Your Father” by Hulu is another empty nostalgia TV / Stream

The 2022 series “How I Met Your Father” feels like an alternate universe, not only because of the lack of Covid, but also because of all the other things in it that are completely detached from reality. This is 2022, when videos of public insults continue to be distributed on Youtube rather than TikTok; where the hopeless romantic Sophie, a 29-year-old longtime New Yorker, is constantly looking for her identity – on Tinder. I believe that every episode shown to critics repeats the joke that Sophie went on “87 first dates on Tinder” in a year, as if the absurdity was in 87, not that in 2022 in 2022 she was famous technology. Millennial is looking for a serious guy on Tinder. It’s like going for a cabbage party and being surprised if you don’t find a pumpkin.

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between the “sequel” and the original series is that instead of uniting an old group of friends, “How I Met Your Father” features two groups of friends who quickly reunite after the best friends and roommates Sophie and Valentina (France Raisa) intersect with best friends and roommates Jesse (Christopher Lowell) and Sid (Suraj Sharma). Despite the fact that modern dating is hell on earth, making new friendships in adulthood is also hardly the easiest. However, “How I Met Your Father” quickly breaks down one of the few ways to diverge into something significant. The four are strangers in the pilot, but in the blink of an eye they are the friendliest of the old friends who organize each other’s birthdays and go to the SOS call in difficult times. The show simply throws all the material that could be worked on – the merging of two friendly groups into one, the opportunity to explore the dynamics that actually distinguished itself from its predecessor – right into a pile of scrap metal. What he’s exploring is a whole episode built around a clubhouse in Manhattan with a seemingly endless number of themed rooms. In Manhattan, where space is so easy to find.

The funniest character in the movie “How I Met Your Father” – recently abandoned Valentina’s aristocratic toy boy Charlie (Tom Ainsley), a solid new entry in the Himba canon. When Valentina advises him to soften his chic to try to merge with the usual American guys, he tries to start the conversation with the first, “What’s your favorite entry-level sedan?” It’s hardly groundbreaking material, but at least it doesn’t look as derivative as the rest of the show.

While “How I Met Your Mother” also had a lot of multicameral sitcoms, there was authenticity, a connection to reality, hidden deep under the track of laughter when the show was at its best. “How I Met Your Father” misses all that spark and feels like you’re looking at a copy of a copy. That’s enough to satisfy nostalgic cravings in the most superficial way, but too weak to do anything else.

The premiere of “How I Met Your Father” took place at Hulu on January 18th. The first four episodes were shown for review.

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