History Channel sets documentary on Abraham Lincoln’s weekend before President’s Day – deadline

The History Channel will broadcast a new documentary about Abraham Lincoln on the weekend of President’s Day from February 20, starting at 8pm on ET / PT. Abraham Lincoln based on the best-selling book by Doris Cairns Goodwin Leadership: in troubled times.

Abraham Lincoln

Graham Sibley as Abraham Lincoln
History Channel

For seven and a half hours, viewers will learn about the life of the 16th President of the United States, from his poor childhood to days as a lawyer and politician and his assassination just five days after the end of the Civil War.

The documentary will feature live action scenes starring Emmy nominee Graham Sibley as Lincoln, as well as interviews with prominent guests including President Barack Obama, General Stan McChrystal and historians Christie Coleman, Dr. Allen Guells, Dr. Edna. Green Medford, Harold Holzer, Dr. Caroline Jenny, Dr. Catherine Clinton and others.

Also on the air during the President’s Day weekend on the History channel:

Black patriots: heroes of the Civil War
The premiere will take place on Monday, February 21, at 11pm on ET / PT

The one-hour documentary, produced and narrated by NBA legend historian and activist Karim Abdul-Jabar and Deborah Morales of Iconomy Multi-Media & Entertainment, closely examines civil war and heroic figures such as the formerly enslaved man. war hero Robert Smalls and Union spy Mary Richards, as well as famous heroes such as influential abolitionist Frederick Douglas and subway pioneer Harriet Tubman.

The Secret History of the Civil War
The premiere will take place on Tuesday, February 22, at 22:30 on ET / PT
This hour-long documentary is about unsung heroes and unknown innovators of the Civil War who violated gender and race to act as spies, and deeply examines the ways in which modern American medicine has been forged on the battlefields. civil war.

Trailer for Abraham Lincoln can be found below.

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