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By Sandra Rose

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Heir Holiness admits she is Daniel Kaluuya’s “personal manager” after initially denying the rumors.

Heir Holiness, 50, created a new Instagram page identifying herself as “Daniel Kaluuya’s personal manager” and the COO of Greater Good Entertainment.

She also advertises her services as an expert in “mentoring, management and artist development.”

According to Page Sixinsiders were concerned about Heir Holiness’s alleged influence over Kaluuya after the “Black Panther” star fired his longtime reps, assistants and stylists.

The sources also claimed that Holiness caused problems on the set of his upcoming movie.

In response to the rumors, Holiness told Vulture magazine, “He had some problems in his business with some people and he fired them, what does that have to do with me?”

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She also wrote in an Instagram post:

“Recent press has tried to spin a narrative regarding my behavior … let’s be clear when I’m working I’m WORKING and my focus is my client. Whatever they want … Whatever they need … Whatever they ask for … Whatever it takes to create an environment where THEY can, with as much grace and ease, give THEIR very best … I DO. I do NOTHING that I haven’t been asked and directed to do by my CLIENT. “

She shared a photo of Kaluuya at the BAFTA Awards, which she captioned, “My Young King.”

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