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Today, on his 96th birthday, I think, as I often do, about how these three events have defined his character: inspiring others to do better, sustaining the vision of those who make enriching cultural content and reliable sources of news widely available. and always puts his family first. Over the following decades, this was reflected in his efforts as founder and chairman of PBS, a member of CBS’s board of directors, and in the fact that he helped establish the Presidential Debate Commission (CPD), where he continues to serve as deputy chair. He worked to demand a V-chip and closed subtitles, helped get start-up funding for Sesame Street, and sought the revocation of a license for a radio station that broadcast harsh racist and anti-Semitic programs. And he and his mother will celebrate the 73rd wedding anniversary this spring.

Barack Obama awarded the pope the highest civilian award of our country – the Medal of Freedom, perhaps in part because President Obama met Michelle when he was an intern in my father’s office, and they appointed Michelle his head. Its a magical story of encountering them on their first date at the “Do It Right” show here. The pride, which he values ​​almost as much, inspires the SS Minnow title on “Gilligan’s Island,” which is drowning in a three-hour tour conceived as an insult to my father because of his television criticism. He and the creator of Gilligan’s Island, Sherwood Schwartz, later exchanged letters. My dad is always looking for understanding. He appealed to Presidential Commissioner Trump of the FCC as soon as the nomination was announced. He said: “I know we disagree on many issues, but let’s find one that we can work on together.” They co-authored an article on telemedicine.

He is still actively involved in the problems of the day. My sister Martha, a former dean of Harvard Law School, will be the first to tell you that the highlight of her recent book, Saving news, is the pope’s entry, which he called “From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg”. In it, he talks about the serious problems that cause changes in technology for the public interest and the foundations of democracy. As always, he sees opportunities. It is convenient for him to write about AI algorithms and deep forgeries, but always in the context of unquenchable optimism and unshakable integrity that shines through everything he does. He once talked to a group of young lawyers and told them that the most important thing was to make the client trust them. One willing participant raised his hand with a question. “How do we do that?” “Well,” said Dad, “you can start by being reliable.” Congratulations on the birthday of the best dad in the world and a real and reliable American hero.

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