Gul Panag, Kalki Kohlin, Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor will perform in the new company OYO: Bollywood News

In the new year, the leading technology platform of the new era, which expands the capabilities of the global hospitality ecosystem, OYO, today launched a multi-film brand campaign that will be seen on television, social networks, OTT platforms, etc. until January and February. OYO has released three films starring several well-known New Age actors such as Gul Panag, Kalki Kohlin, Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor, which enliven many everyday stories of travelers. During the years of the pandemic, travelers not only in India but also around the world have adapted and developed their habits and preferences in travel. Travelers now have more trust in brands that provide flexibility and personalization. Thanks to this understanding, which is at the heart of its brand company, OYO seeks to raise awareness of the key features of the OYO app.

Gul Panag, Kalki Kohlin, Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor will be introduced in the new OYO company

The first film emphasizes the benefits of the “Near” feature. OYO’s deep presence across India and in 35 countries around the world allows users to book accommodation on the go by simply clicking on the “Nearby” icon. The second film is based on the ever-growing need for flexibility while traveling. Thus, the film emphasizes the function of simple cancellation and refund of OYO funds, which allows users to change reservations before their stay. The third film promotes the “Search in Mind” feature, which allows users to find a location according to any search keywords, including views, whether it’s on the beach, on the hills, near the market, near the airport or even the view of a golf course. . Throughout the campaign, the OYO brand showcases a diverse customer base, serving families, discerning travelers and groups of friends.

The first film “Asi reached gays?” features of Gan Panag. The film shows a family journey. While maintaining her real identity, Gul portrays the role of a confident mom who is adventurous, who manages the seat. The film demonstrates many stages of the journey, from the fact that the child enjoys the views of the picturesque hills, goes to boredom and finally to restlessness after a few hours in the car. Here, the film depicts the many quirks of a now impatient 3-4-year-old child who incessantly pushes his mom out of the back seat with the words in anjabi: “Asi reach gay?” (Are we there?). At this point, the worried couple now realizes that they have a long journey ahead of them, with more than eight hours left. Enough travel for everyone. On the way, Gul turns to the OYO program, clicks on the “Nearby” function and presses the “Book” button. The film emphasizes the slogan: “Need a timeout? Find a place to stay nearby. ‘

The OYO campaign continues with two more films. In the second – Kalki Kohlin and a group of friends relaxing by the lake. And third with Chitrangada Singh and Kunal Kapoor at the top of the golf course.
Speaking about the brand’s company, Mayor Hall, head of the global brand – OYO, said: “OYO really believes that progress is for everyone. No matter who you are, where you come from or where you are headed, we all strive to evolve in our lives. It is the spirit that embodies and sustains OYO. You might experience the hotel for the first time. You can count on a safe and sanitized stay if you go on your 50th sales trip to a distant place. You can look for a beautiful house in Europe, a good hotel in Bali or a premium accommodation in Jaipur. To do this, there is OYO. At the heart of it all is an easy-to-use app that is backed by serious technology. An app that lets you find OYO nearby wherever you are. It helps you keep your plans and life as flexible as we all need today. An application that allows you to go out and reach the next stage of progress. And this is exactly what this campaign is about. We are talking about the evolution of OYO customers, our patrons (our hotel owners) and indeed the evolution of OYO into the global hospitality technology brand it is today. ”

Commenting on her role in the films, Gul Panag said: “Let’s face it – traveling with children can be very challenging, especially if you’re behind the wheel all day, maneuvering over ghats, hills and insidious roads. And this is just one situation. What if your car breaks down? Or if a sudden illness occurs on the road? Or if you just love a certain place along the way? Why don’t you press the brakes and enjoy the sunset? And the list goes on and on. I love the travel and the spontaneity that comes with it. I was very excited to learn that travelers have the ability to find a place to stay wherever and whenever they want on their own terms. When OYO came to me with the concept of the “Nearby” feature and the script, it was easily YES. Because it’s so close. Needless to say, Vishvesh and the whole OYO team were a very fun group to work with. ”

The brand concept and film scripts were developed and written by the global OYO brand team. The film was directed by Vishves Krishnamurti of Corcoise Films, one of India’s largest production companies, founded by Prasun Pandi. Vishves Krishnamurti has directed on MTV and VH1, having won more than a dozen PromaxBDA awards. He also received the Cannes Lion for directing the documentary series “Dewarists”. He made a feature film called “99 Songs” by two-time Oscar winner AR Rahman, a dozen music videos and more than 150 TV commercials. Some notable promotional works include Satyamev Jayate (feat. Aamir Khan), Bournvita, Fastrack, Swiggy, Gpay, 7Up, Tata sky, LivSpace, Perfetti (mentos & Center fresh) and more.

OYO launched the brand’s campaign during India’s matches against South Africa’s ODI on television. The OYO brand can be seen on several channels in the genres GEC, News, Infotainment and Kids. OYO will also release the first film on its digital and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. OYO will also feature the company in its OYO app, Co-OYO app (for cartridges) and throughout, it’s OYO’s own digital means of communicating with customers, patrons and entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, similar to the roles of Gul Panag, Chitrangadhi Singh and Kalki Kehlin in the films, OYO’s journey with the image of strong women began last year with the company’s brand “In a Long-Term Relationship with OYO” starring Nina Gupta. OYO 2021 was born out of a simple but solid understanding – women were the key decision makers when it came to booking vacations, holidays or vacations. According to an OYO study, in eight out of ten cases, women led the conversation and made the final decision about travel. Keeping these findings at the heart of the brand campaign, OYO decided to talk to its core cohort of customers and decision makers – women.

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