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Voting for the Oscars has begun today, and George Clooney, as is often the case in his career, has a film that deserves attention in Tender Bar which has so far been somewhat unfairly ignored in critics and Guild Award nominations. But it’s kind of a little gem, a family drama and a story of maturation, I think it’s the best directorial work Clooney has done since Good night and good luck. Obviously, those who caught the film in the broadcast, which began on January 7 on Amazon Prime, agree.

The streamer says that the film is based on the memoirs of J. R. Moringer about growing up on Long Island, where his uncle Charlie’s bar patrons mostly performed for him as a father, was one of the best debuts of all the original films on Prime Video. It is currently among their top 10 films of all time and has opened worldwide in more than 240 countries and territories, where it was number 1 in its first week. It has also received a large number of five-star reviews from users on the site.

Ben Affleck and Ty Sheridan in the movie

Amazon Studios

Clooney has returned to England to his home there after now making a film, A ticket to paradise, was stopped due to several Covid outbreaks in Australian locations. He will be back soon, but managed to call to talk about his excitement about success Tender Bar, and special attention is paid to the game of Affleck, who was nominated for the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor. The twist will probably bring the actor back to the race for an Oscar when the gods smile.

“I have to say it’s so cool that Ben really showed up and he stuck his neck out, and yes, he got a SAG Award nomination and a Golden Globe nomination. He deserves it. He put his neck out, and he really worked hard on it, and he was little recognized as an actor, and he’s a really great actor, ”Clooney told me.

“I had great success working with him twice when I worked with him. I am a big fan of him, ”he said about the director Affleck Slang , a film he also produced with Clooney and Grant Heslav. This project won an Oscar for Best Picture in 2012.

Heslav, Affleck, Clooney

Clooney says Affleck was the first person he thought of when the film was made, and said Affleck reacted immediately after reading the first ten pages of the script, and said he was in it.

“I looked at it as a real showcase for Ben, and you know, Ben went through the bell. It was as high as you could climb, ”he said. “He stood on stage and won a couple of Oscars.” He knows what it’s like to be on top of the game, and he’s also had some tough moments. Some of them, as he has said many times, inflicted themselves, but he is a fighter, and he was there, and he appeared on this in such a great and so merciful way, and he did it for a while, and it is interesting to see the reaction to his, and it would be wonderful if the same attention continued [to the Oscars]. I think he deserved it. ”

Clooney then admitted: “I feel a lot of responsibility to the actors, the film crew and the people who put their souls into it because, you know, it was not easy to do and we were all in masks and on the spot. . Let’s see. Let’s see what happens to Ben. I would like it to happen. “

The director was very skeptical about the reception the film received on Amazon, as well as the large number of people who watched it this month. He also received its initial box office release in December, albeit smaller than the direct theaters for most of the films in which he starred either as a director – or both.

Recently, Clooney has been running around with streamers since last year’s Netflix epic, Night sky and another goes for Apple, in which he and Brad Pitt will engage Spider-Man directed by John Watts. He looks realistically at how business is growing, and hopes that theaters and broadcasts will be able to learn to live together. However, a small film focused on characters like Tender Bar would never have received such an instant reception that has on Amazon if it had been exclusively in cinemas.

Good night and good luck
Warner Bros.

“I would like to believe – and I still believe – that there is a way for adult films to still survive and survive in cinemas. But overall, in the global business sense, this may mean that negotiations are a short window into the theatrical world and then into streaming, so it sees a lot more people. A lot more people see this than they see Good night and good luck or movies that were, you know, hits. Michael Clayton didn’t get such an audience, so we’re just thrilled, ”he said, before mentioning notes he received from directors like Joel Cohen, who liked it, or Chris Columbus. In fact, he says he and Heslav on average called business friends about the film.

Clooney feels that streamers are actually filling the void for such a small film that studios no longer seem interested in.

“It’s really interesting, and you know, it’s an exciting thing, because, you know, about 20 years ago I started watching different kinds of movies that I wanted to make, and Steven Soderbergh and I really pushed Alan Horn to create Warner Independent. Run for a while. We needed a place where we could go to make small adult films [like] Michael Clayton, Up In The Air. It was difficult to make such films, but there were a few small independent houses where it could be done, ”Clooney said.

“The Streamers took it upon themselves. And so the good news is that there’s still a way to make such movies, and the other part of the good news is that Amazon and Netflix, which we also worked with, are also more than ready to be released in theaters so you could coexist. I think it’s a pretty exciting prospect because movies like mine are like movies Tender Bar not going to open on three thousand screens. It is not intended for that, ”he said.

George Clooney Brad Pitt John Watts

(LR) George Clooney, Brad Pitt and John Watts

As for the future, it will again work with another streamer, this time with Apple, on this aforementioned film with frequent partner Brad Pitt. It will also be written by a director Spider-Man: No way home film director John Watts.

“Yes. Brad and I. It was an exciting time because it had to be one of those weird bidding wars that happen from time to time, and in the end it was pretty extreme, and Apple came up with really big numbers for Brad and me, and we said would like to take less time until we can guarantee that we will have a theatrical release and they said great. So I think there’s a way we can all coexist.

“You know, I think there’s a version we can make. There are many movies that are fun to watch on the big screen. You know, the film I’m shooting with Julia (Roberts) is a universal film, and it’s a comedy, and comedy is fun to watch in a room full of people, “he said. A ticket to paradise he filmed in Australia. He said Clooney would return to finish it in about two weeks, adding that 90% of it had been done before they closed.

“Well, it’s something special. This guy named All Parker is a really great writer and director, and he wrote us a screenplay, and I haven’t done a romantic comedy since. One fine day, and more. You know, I was doing some ugly things, and in this Julia and I just despised each other in the funniest way, and the minute I read this, I called Julia and said, ‘You get this?’ and she said, “Yes,” and I said, “Are you going to do this?” and she says, “Are you going to do this?” and I said, “Yes, if you do.” So it was just one of those very happy things, ”he said, noting that it was very difficult to close so close to the completion of the main photo.

“Australia has done so well. They had very strict rules that ensured the safety of all. There were far fewer people killed there than anywhere else, but then the Omicron hit and it was so contagious that it just spread there like a forest fire. Suddenly we lost actors and crew, and it just had to be that everyone was losing with it – losing about 15 people a day – and it just became impossible to work, so we just realized we were going to close it, go until we get back. and get to work, ”he said. “Part of that, too, was that we had all the right protocols.”

Clooney believes that because this is a romantic comedy, the shutdown will not affect the current scheduled release date in October. In fact he hints that they may even take him to the festival. He is so high on this.

“That’s going great, man. We spend time in our lives. Julia in it is just fantastic and this is a wonderful actor named Lucas Bravo who is just the funniest in the movie and you know Billy Lourdes and Caitlin Dever. It’s just a very hilarious, hilarious, hilarious cast. We have a great time. “

“We only have a few days left, and he was cutting [director Ol Parker, that is]so he can finish. We want to take him out a little earlier. Maybe we can take it to Venice or something like that, but not at a competition, but simply because it’s some old-fashioned movie. “

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