Gay man checks Saucy Santana for saying women need gay men as their ‘blueprint’

By Sandra Rose

John Lamparski / Getty Images

Saucy Santana was checked by an Instagram user for saying women need gay men to show them how to rock makeup, fashions and hairstyles.

In a viral video at a Gay Pride event in Dallas on Saturday, Santana said women get their sense of style and fashion from gay men. He added that gay men are the “blueprint” for women.

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However, in a post on Instagram, King Push wrote:

“Saucy Santana, the girls may call the gays for makeup, hair, stylist, etc, but gay men are not the BLUEPRINT .. the gay men imitate the WOMEN most of all. Without the women being the ACTUAL blue print the gay men would have nothing to go off of. “

King Push got a lot of pushback from gay men for his personal opinions. In a follow-up post, he wrote:

“Y’all really MAD about my opinion like I GAF! I said what I said and ain’t changing on it .. so stay out my DM! Just keep that shit cute cause I’m REALLY on whatever you on!”

Watch the videos below.

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