Friendly exes! Hillary Duff meets ex-fighter Joel Madden and his wife Nicole Richie on group dates!

Wow, it makes us feel serious back!

Remember when Hillary Duff used to date Joel Madden? Well, this photo may just give you deja vu because the former reunited with their husband and wife for a group date on the weekend! PULSE band founder Josh Abraham posted about “night dates” on it History on Instagramsharing a photo of Hill and her husband Matthew ComaJoel and his wife Nicole Richiealso as Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Megan Kemper.

Hillary Duff, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Matthew Como, Pete Goz: Hillary hanging out with ex-husband and wife story on Instagram
(c) Josh Abraham / Instagram

They all also do prom poses, which adds to all the wild nostalgia! Abraham also posted a photo of himself with the other guys – all musicians, if you haven’t noticed – with the caption “New Band”.

Joel Madden, Matthew Como, Pete Goz: Hillary's ex and current husband hang out the story on Instagram
(c) Josh Abraham / Instagram

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Somehow the madness sees this group in such a good relationship that they go on group dates, huh? Especially since Disney The graduate’s relationship with the rocker (with whom she had been dating for two and a half years) was questionable … she was only 16 when she met 24-year-old Joel. Let’s talk further Love bomb podcast back in 2016, she reflected on a formative novel:

“It was so comprehensive. It was so intense. This was my life. It was like every minute of my day. It was pretty serious. “

The turnaround time was also fairly quick – after the couple broke up in November 2006, Good Charlotte music began dating Nicole in December. They confirmed that they are expecting their first child together in July, and everything else is history.

Honestly, it’s nice to see that former and their new partners are on good terms! However, we never expected to see such a hang after all this time!

[Image via Hilary Duff/Joel Madden/Instagram]

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