First, look at Sophia Vergara as a famous drug lord

Griselda, Sophia Vergara

Sofia Vergara will play Griselda Blanco in a new limited series for Netflix, and the streaming service has published a first look at the actress as a notorious drug lord. The clever and ambitious Colombian businesswoman has created one of the most lucrative cartels in history. A devoted mother, a deadly blend of Blanc’s charm and unexpected savagery helped her masterfully navigate between family and business, which led to her becoming widely known as the “godmother”.

Sophia Vergara, Griselda, first sight

In addition to starring in Griselda, Sofia Vergara also acts as the executive producer of the series. «Griselda Blanca was a character more than life, whose ruthless but ingenious tactics allowed her to rule a billion-dollar empire years earlier than many of the most famous male kings we know so much about., ”Vergara said of Blanc’s legacy among the underworld when the project was first announced. «We are thrilled to have found the perfect partners in Eric, Andres and Netflix to help us bring this story of her life to the screen.«

The project comes from Eric Newman, executive producer and showrunner born and Narcos: Mexico. Companion born Executive producers Doug Miró, Andres Bais and Carla Bernard also act as executive producers, but Griselda is not a spin-off born franchise. In addition to Sophia Vergara, Griselda also starring: Alberto Gera, Vanessa Ferlit, Alberto Oman, Christian Tapan, Diego Trujillo, Pauline Davila, Gabriel Sloer, Juliana Aiden Martinez, Martin Rodriguez and Jose Suniga.

«Griselda Blanca has long been an exciting project for Sofia, and we are grateful that she and her partners from LatinWe chose us to help her tell this story.Said Eric Newman. «Sofia is a brilliant talent, and her passion combined with a fantastic story from Doug and Ingrid and the amazing Andres Bais at the head of the director means that we have a very exciting series that can be shared with the audience.«

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