Fans Think Jana Kramer ALREADY Split From New Boyfriend Ian Schinelli!

Is it already the end of the road for Jana Kramer‘s relationship with Ian Schinelli?

Fans have been questioning whether or not the pair had called it quits for a while now. Jana’s followers first noticed something was up after seeing that she and Ian wiped all of their photos together on their respective Instagram accounts earlier this month. Another telling sign things may have gone sour? It looks like Jana no longer follows the personal trainer on the social media platform as well.

Yeah… It definitely looks like their relationship may have ended based on this alone!

And only adding fuel to the speculation fire, the One Tree Hill alum posted a cryptic quote to her Instagram Story Friday about the benefits of being “happy” – single. It read:

“If you’re happy alone, you’ll be happier together. There is no type of affection that can fill the void in a person who doesn’t love themselves already. There is no independence in dependency. There is no personal security in attaching yourself to a secure person. Until you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you will not make healthy decisions about someone else. ”

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In another post, Jana also shared a message that said:

“If you don’t choose yourself, you’ll never feel chosen by anyone else either.”

Hmm… Very telling, if you ask us! Ch-ch-check the posts (below):

Fans Think Jana Kramer ALREADY Split From New Boyfriend Ian Schinelli!
(c) Jana Kramer / Instagram

In case you didn’t know, the actress became IG official with Ian back in January after the first meeting at a children’s party through mutual friends Shawn Johnson East and her husband, Andrew East in October. While the (possibly former?) Couple seemed to have been going strong, even having their children slowly get to know each other at one point, the Navy SEAL reserve member opened up on her Whine Down podcast about how difficult it has been dating someone in the public eye:

“It was different. It’s been really good, but I don’t get caught up with the limelight of stuff like that. ”

Noting they were still “getting used to” each other, Ian admitted at the time that there had been some ups and downs in their relationship that they were trying to navigate:

“It’s two very different personalities and two very different lifestyles. It’s not a boundary, it’s just more understanding her needs [and] my needs. We didn’t address those right away, and it was definitely a difficult thing to get to, and once we finally got to it, it was like, I need this in my day and my week, and she needs this in her day and her week. ”

So what happened? Did they realize their lifestyles were just too different at the end of the day? Are they even broken up ?!

We’ll have to see if Jana decides to stop being cryptic and just spill the tea about her relationship status soon! But based on what we’ve seen so far, it seems like all signs are pointing to them being dunzo! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you think she and Ian are over? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jana Kramer/Instagram]

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