Excuse me, WHAT? Kanye West is allegedly spreading rumors that Pete Davidson has AIDS ?!

Kanye Westunfortunate behavior amid his attempts to come to terms with Kim Kardashian apparently reached a new low. And if that accusation is legitimate, we are very disappointed to hear this.

According to a new message from TMZThe 44-year-old rapper allegedly tells friends that his new lover is Kim Pete Davidson is “suffering from AIDS.” Wait … WHAT ??

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TMZThe report responds with alarming rumors, which we first learned about earlier this week. Days ago DJ Academics publicly claimed that you “spoke to everyone within earshot” that Pete was allegedly AIDS. Now the media organization has spoken to those close to the two A-listers involved and found very much inappropriate charges.

According to the publication, E apparently “tells friends” that Pete is ill. It is believed that false rumors have even returned to Saturday night live the star himself, who “made a few awkward phone calls between Pete and the mutual friends he had with Kanye.”

Yes, we can imagine that this can create an awkward and uncertain situation. WTF, you ??

It looks like the alleged rumors may already have unpleasant results for the Chicago-born rapper. The publication claims that all these common friends are “embarrassed and concerned” by what they call “Kanye’s childish behavior.” Baby is definitely one word for it …

Kanye West is organizing his own party in Chicago after
Kanye did not hesitate to pursue Kim almost a year after she filed for divorce … / (c) Dan Jackman / WENN / Avalon

Honestly, it really is outside childishly. This is such a harmful alleged rumor that can be carelessly spread. This is not only clearly unfair to King of Staten Island star, but more importantly, it further stigmatizes HIV and AIDS in society and unnecessarily negatively expels those who live with it.

It is completely wrong to use AIDS as a needle point to try to get your estranged wife and her new boyfriend back. Come on, Kanye! We understand that you are upset because your relationship is over SKIMS the founder moved on. But let her be happy and not offend others! This is not a move !!

FWIW also notes that “one source close to E” firmly believes that the claim that he allegedly spreads such rumors is “nonsense.” So here’s what.

On the topic: Pete jokes that he is a “theft” against the background of a long affair with Kim Kardashian!

It will be interesting to see how this affects Yeezy’s hopes for reconciliation.

As we reported earlier, Jesus walks the rapper’s antics were seriously unpleasant with KUWTK star. Following Kanye is unhappy West Chicago A few weeks ago an insider talked about how it affected Kim and Pete:

“It doesn’t affect their relationship at all. Anyway, this drama brings Kim and Pete closer because he makes everything so easy. ”

The second source also doubled this view at the time:

“Kanye has caused a lot of drama in the family lately [and] they are not happy with what has happened in the last few days. “

Knowing this, we can only imagine how something like this new report could happen to Kim and CarGenera – not to mention how it should happen for Pete. What do you think Perezcious readers think? Respond with your removal in the comments (below) …

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