ETERNALS is a well-made saga about superheroes, which gives a good boost to the Marvel Cinema Universe. I am sure it will be a wonderful discovery and can accommodate collections for life in all languages.

Eternals (English) Review {3.5 / 5} and review rating

ETERNALS is the story of an immortal alien race on Earth for a specific purpose. 7,000 years ago Heavenly Arishem created Eternal, immortal human-like beings and sent them to Earth. These Eternals include Cercy (Gemma Chan), Icaris (Richard Madden), King (Kumail Nanjiani), Sprite (Leah McHugh), Fastos (Brian Tyree Henry), McCarthy (Lauren Ridloff), Druig (Barry Kegan), Gilgamesh ( Don Lee), Ajak (Salma Hayek) and Tena (Angelina Jolie). Their goal is to save the planet from horrible creatures called deviants. The Eternal arrived on Earth in 5000 BC in Mesopotamia and managed to defeat the Deviants. They then experience the progress of human civilization and even in various ways give impetus to humanity using their superpowers. Among the Eternal, only Ajak has the ability to establish contact with Arishem. Currently (after the Blip episode caused by Thanas) Cercy is in London and is a professor. She has a romantic relationship with Dane Whitman (Keith Harrington) after Icarus left her. Sprite also lives with Cercy. One day, returning from a party, Cercy and Sprite are attacked by a deviant. They are struggling with this and are going to be defeated when Icarus comes to save them. The trio realizes that the Deviants have become much more powerful than before. They decide to contact Ajak in South Dakota, USA, hoping that she will have an idea. Oddly enough, when they get to her place, they find her dead. Cercy also understands that she now has the opportunity to communicate with Arish. Arishem tells her that “the time has come.” Realizing that the Eternal are in danger, the trio is going to unite all their other colleagues who are scattered around the world, and try to figure out why the Deviants are going to kill them.

The story of Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo is interesting and is in the zone like the MUST series, at least on paper. The scripts of Chloe Zhao, Patrick Burley, Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo are exciting and effective. The scripts tried to do everything to make it look like a Marvel movie, but did not give deja vu to previous films about the superheroes of this franchise. The characters of the various Eternal Heroes are well spelled out, and the chemistry they share is one of the best parts of the venture. On the other hand, the film is a bit confusing as well as slow-paced. Occasionally writing also tends to stretch. The dialogues are conversational and in some places a bit mysterious. Marvel’s commercial humor is also present in some of the lines.

Directed by Chloe Zhao is impressive and cinematic. There was a great responsibility on her shoulders, for she had to see to it that the Avengers did not give in to the poor man. After she watched more than 20 Marvel movies, it was also important for her to make sure he stood out. In this regard, it comes out with great success. The film has been shot in several locations around the world, and each location is presented beautifully. The connection between the characters and the challenges they face also add to the fun. She also managed to incorporate mass and dance elements into the action scene. On the other hand, the narrative is in places too slow, and this can test the audience’s patience. Her interpretation is a little more creative and suitable for critical acclaim, so those accustomed to watching typical Marvel movies may feel inadequate. In other words, “ETERNAL” is not as outstanding as the “Avengers” movies. The conflict between the Eternal and the Deviant becomes difficult to understand to the end. The same goes for Sprite’s dilemma, as well as the state Tena is facing.

ETERNALS begins on an exciting note. The entrance scene of each protagonist is sure to be greeted with whistles and applause. The London episode is fascinating. Ayaka’s death comes as a push. The scene where Cercy, Icaris and Sprite arrive in India to meet King will definitely lead to order, especially among the spectators in our country. In fact it is desi the connection will definitely help impress the Indian audience. The Australian episode has its share of fun and drama. The track on Amazon is biting its nails, and from that moment the film gets a little serious. The turn in the tale in the pre-culmination is unpredictable. The final fight has its share of thrills and adrenaline, but could be stronger. The scene after the climax is also addictive. The scene in the middle of the credit is interesting, and the scene after the caption will confuse the audience.

Speaking of performances, Gemma Chan has the highest screen time of all time and raises the show. Salma Hayek has a limited presence, but compensates for this with strong performance. The same goes for Angelina Jolie, but as mentioned above, viewers will not be able to understand her condition. Richard Madden is reliable, while Kumail Nanjiani gives a funny but sensitive performance. I wish he had a bigger contribution to the last part of the film. Leah McHugh is fine, and Brian Tyree Henry makes an unforgettable act. Lauren Ridloff is perfectly a dumb superhero. Barry Keagan is passable and Don Lee is very impressive. Keith Harrington looks great and provides skillful support. Harish Patel (Karun Patel) is a stage kidnapper. The actor of Indian descent has considerable screen time and makes good use of it. Haaz Sleiman (Fastas’ husband) is fine. The voice of baritone David Kay corresponds to the voice of Arish. Harry Stiles is good at cameos.

Ramin Javad’s music complements what is happening very well. The Game of Thrones composer also enhances the effect with his score. Cameraman Ben Davis is fascinating, and he pays tribute to the various exotic locations featured in the film. The production of Eva Stewart and Clint Wallace is rich and consistent with the theme of the film. Sammy Sheldon’s royal costumes, especially the Eternal superhero. VFX is, as expected, top notch and looks great on an IMAX screen. The action is spectacular. The editorship of Dylan Tichenar and Craig Wood could have been tougher.

All in all, ETERNALS is a well-made superhero saga that gives a good boost to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will come out the day after Diva and is sure to be a huge opening, despite strong competition from SOORYAVANSHI. Marvel’s latest issue, “SHANGCHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS,” managed to score good points, despite the fact that there were no issues and restrictions on placement in Maharashtra. ETERNALS, meanwhile, will be releasing across the country,

All in all, ETERNALS is a well-made superhero saga that gives a good boost to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It releases in India the day after Diwali, and despite strong competition from SOORYAVANSHI, it has managed to capture strong sales due to the hype, enviable casting, big screen appeal and connection to Marvel. So it definitely has a fantastic discovery and can accommodate collections for life in all languages.

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