Doctors Refused This Woman A Breast Reduction 10 Times Despite Her Constant Pain – Saying ‘Think Of Your Future Husband’!

This is completely ridiculous! And we’re guessing all too common…

Janel Nelson realized early in life that she needed to get something off her chest – her massive 28H boobs! The poor girl from Alberta, Canada was absolutely suffering from the size of her breasts.

As she explained, per The Sunthere were the usual issues women with larger breasts suffer:

“My shoulders and neck were always extremely sore from the pressure of my bra straps. My entire posture revolved around slouching to get some relief. In the summer, I would sweat profusely underneath my breasts, which led to constantly getting irritations and rashes. ”

Besides that, however, were some more concerning issues. On the 20-year-old’s petite frame, it was an excessive burden that was starting to damage her nerves:

“Weirdly enough my fingers would randomly get tingly because the nerves in my neck would become compressed and this was very annoying. However, the most debilitating symptom I had was chronic migraines. All the pressure and weight that weighed down on me would often result in these migraines. ”

Ouch! How awful!

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It was particularly stressful on her body as she was on her feet all day in her job working with disabled children. She explained:

“Ultimately I felt as though my body was denying me confidence and restricting what I could and could not do in my life.”

In addition to the physical issues, of course, there were psychological ones. She recalled:

“It literally felt like every time I entered a room, it was just my chest that walked in, not me. This was something I had grown accustomed to in middle school and beyond as it was always in the back of my mind. ”

Unfortunately, the love men have for big boobs turned out to be more than just an annoyance for Janel. When she started trying to get her breasts reduced as a teenager, she was rejected over and over. She complained:

“Over the course of four years I was denied by family physicians and surgeons over 10 times.”

And no, there weren’t good, legitimate health reasons. She said:

“The reasons they gave me for being denied were always terrible. Examples being: I was too young, my hormones needed to level out, I should wait until after I have children… ”

And the worst one, the one that sort of said the quiet part out loud:

“What would my future husband think?”

Seriously ?! Maybe he’d think that his poor wife was being simultaneously sexualized and infantilized by a needlessly patriarchal health care system! She continued:

“Every time I walked out of a clinic after being denied, I was more and more defeated. I eventually stopped trying because I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was tired of being shut down. ”

But then something happened. She met the man who would, as it turned out, become her husband. And when she explained the issue to him, he actually encouraged her to keep trying to get the surgery!

Hell yeah, Chandler!! We stan a supportive king, y’all!

She tried again and finally got on a 2-year waiting list. But then just 6 months later something told her to check for cancellations. She recalled:

“I awoke from a dream one morning and had a strong urge to call the clinic. My jaw dropped when they told me over the phone that they got a new list of dates that morning and asked if I was available to take the open spot. Nothing would have stopped me from taking that surgery date. ”

And so, on January 5, she was able to get her breast reduction – and at no cost (thanks to the same public healthcare system that caused her to wait – kind of a fair tradeoff, right?).

So far it’s been everything Janel hoped for! She beamed:

“It’s been life-changing. I feel like I have acquired a whole new body. I am finally able to jump around and live life like any 20-year-old should be able to do. I am no longer restricted in my clothing choices and I can grab anything off the rack without even having to try it on, knowing that it will fit me. ”

As she counted down the days to her surgery, she thought to take some “before” videos to make a TikTok, which she did afterward – and went viral! In the past couple of weeks she’s gotten over 20 MILLION views on her before / after vid and hundreds of thousands more on subsequent vids discussing how her life has changed.

See the vid that started the buzz (below)!

@janellynnnelson #breastreduction #beforeandafter #breastreductioncheck #surgery ♬ original sound – janel nelson

We’re so happy for her! She gushed about the difference, saying:

“The bit of confidence that I had before has absolutely exploded and I feel so ecstatic knowing that nothing will ever hold me back anymore from being my energetic athletic true self.”

To everyone else who feels like they need to change something, she can’t recommend it highly enough. She said:

“You deserve to feel comfortable in your body. You deserve to feel confident in the clothes that you wear. You deserve to be happy. ”

Preach it, gurl!

[Image via Janel Nelson/TikTok.]

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