Despite the slow second half, DHAMAKA is the edge of a thriller that boasts great performances

Dhamaka Review {3.0 / 5} and review rating

DHAMAKA is the story of a prime-time reporter who received the most information in his career. Arjun Patak (Kartik Aryan) was a well-known Bharosa 24×7 TV reporter. He is married to Saumi Mehri Patak (Mrunal Thakur). All is well, but due to an unpleasant incident Arjun is demoted and gets the position of radio jockey on Radio Bharosa. His marriage to the Council will end soon, as the divorce process continues. One day during a morning show, Arjuna is called by a man named Raghubir Mhata (Soham Majumdar). He claims to have planted a bomb on Sea Link in Mumbai. Arjun thinks it’s a prank, and abruptly breaks it off. The next moment he hears a loud explosion. He looks out the window and sees that part of the sea link has exploded. Raghubir calls again and wants to talk. The frightened Arjun immediately calls the police. But he stops the call when he realizes it’s his chance to return his news anchor position in prime time. He asks Raghubir to wait a while. He immediately calls his boss Ankita (Amruta Subhash) and informs her of the situation. He also gets a guarantee from her that he can go on the air with this story. A temporary studio has been set up at the radio station. Arjun goes on the air and starts talking to Raghubir. At this point, Raghubir says he wants an immediate apology from Minister Jaide Patil; otherwise it will make more explosions. He also tells Arjuna that there is a bomb in his earphone and that he will explode if he moves out of his seat. In addition to Arjun’s fear, he learns that the Council is the one who went to the Sea of ​​Exile to shed light on history on earth. Another explosion has shaken Sea Link, and now the Council of Ministers and the rest of the people who are there are in danger. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.


DHAMAKA is based on the Korean film TERROR LIVE [written and directed by Kim Byung Woo]. The story is unique and one of a kind. DHAMAKA is a thriller, but it starts on a sweet note. Soon the tone changes when Arjun receives a call from a mysterious caller. The first half will not give you reason to complain, as the creators carefully explain the situation, the dynamics between the different characters and why Arjun was demoted. The way Arjun uses his divorce papers to take notes is pretty speculative and shows that the director was trying to highlight the product. The scene where Jayanta Patila’s deputy Subhash Matur (Vishwajit Pradhan) comes into the studio and talks to Raghubir is an extraordinary scene and will leave the audience amazed. Another bright scene is when the Council tries to save the girl from the car before she falls from Sea Link. The second half also has a share of good scenes, but due to the aforementioned glitches the effect is blurred.

The script of Punita Sharma and Rama Madhwani is impressive and ensures that the audience stays glued to their seats. However, some events in the second half are not convincing. Even the finale is hard to digest. The dialogues of Punita Sharma and Rama Madhwani are sharp and sour.

The direction of Rama Madhvani is fascinating. The story is such that viewers can not help but get lost in the world, shown by a talented director. It also raises the level of tension very well, leaving viewers to guess what will happen next. His comments about the ethics and the desire of news channels to raise the rating at any cost are sure to shock viewers. On the other hand, some events are later difficult to digest. The order in which Ankita gets an anchor from a rival channel to expose Arjun’s offense and even makes Arjuna talk to him on another news channel is too much. This is especially because Ankita has been shown to be concerned about ratings; such a move could thwart the channel in the long run. Arjuna’s decision at the climax seems unnecessary, as he had a fighting spirit.

Aryan’s card about Dhamak: “Arjun Pathak, the hero is just pouring greetings …” | Ram Madhvani

DHAMAKA kills when it comes to performances. Kartyk Aryan is known for comic and easy roles, but here; it enters a whole new territory and comes out with bright colors. He will surely surprise many and prove that he can easily portray different roles. Mrunal Thakur is mentioned first in the first captions, before Kartik. Her role is also considered to be special in appearance and she turns out very well. Amruta Subhash leaves a huge mark and adds a lot of drama to the film. Sohom Majumdar has a limited appearance, but his voice plays an important role, and overall he does a great job. Vishwajit Pradhan is remembered in a cameo. Vikas Kumar (Provin Kamat; counter-terrorism official) speaks well without nonsense. Anuj Gurwara (Manas Sethi; INL news anchor) is all right.

DHAMAKA, ideally, should have been without the songs, but the three songs are neatly woven into the narrative. ‘Hoya Paaya‘boasts powerful lyrics and vocals by Amit Trivedo. The female version of Jasleen Royal is also strong. ‘Kasur‘sweet and has a Prateek Kuhad trademark stamp. Vishal Huron’s background score is impressive.

Manu Anand’s cinematography is a bit shaky, but it adds to the tension. The design of Nidi Rungt’s production is real. Manohar Verma’s act is realistic. Tei Tekchandani’s costumes (Ayusha Jain’s cohesive costume design) are not glamorous according to the film’s requirements. VFX Futureworks Media Ltd and RedChillies.VFX could be the best. Editing by Monisha R Baldawa (co-editing by Amit Karia) is smooth and fast, but slows down a bit in later parts.

In general, DHAMAKA is a banal thriller and boasts one of the best performances of Kartik Aryan. But, unfortunately, in the second half the film loses momentum.

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