David Cosse of Netflix is ​​about to draw the best talent for European film. Deadline – deadline

EXCLUSIVES: Amid the constant drive to build up local art production, Netflix has plenty of ambitious films to come out of Europe next year. Paolo Sorrentino has already been shortlisted for the Oscar The hand of God The service was launched in late 2021, entering the top 10 in 11 countries, and ahead – films by directors such as Jean-Pierre Jeanne, Louis Letter, Ramon Gauras, Edward Berge, Roar Utaug and Oscar winner Sebastian Lelio and others.

Currently in production for further descent of JA Bayona’s pike Snow Society and the Spanish full-length spin-off of the hit series Netflix Box for birds.

Former CEO of Universal, Film4 and STX David Kose has taken on the role of vice president of international cinema at Netflix in 2019 with a mandate to oversee international filmmaking and acquisitions, and focus on making and acquiring non-English films for the streaming site. Over the years, he has developed a strong relationship with talent, and he says part of Netflix’s strategy this year is to focus on “great filmmakers”.

He tells me: “I like the variety of everything we do and I am very happy with the number of directors we decided to work with two or three years ago, from Ed (Berger) to Paolo (Sorrento) to Juan Antonio (Bayonne) ) to force Balta (Cormacuro) to do something, Jeanne, Gavras … We managed to have a really wide list of these directors ”.

Was it hard to get the talent to make movies for broadcast? Cose responds, “I think we’ve managed to become a place where they can make these films the way they want. Scott (Stuber’s) group in Los Angeles with (The Irishman) and everything else opened the door for many of them. We also allow them to tell stories that they really wanted to tell and that correspond to what we think our participants want; there is a reconciliation of interests that has succeeded. “

Kose says viewing non-English content has “tripled in the last three years.” This is partly due to the increase in content and the increase in dubbing and subtitles, while in general: “We find that the appetite continues to grow.”

On the Western Front, everything is quiet

On the Western Front, everything is quiet

Currently in the finish line, Berger’s On the Western Front, everything is quiet this is a particularly attractive project. This is a new look at Erich Maria Remarque’s 1929 novel, which was also the source material for the eponymous Oscar winner for best 1930 film. The film, shot in German, starred Daniel Bruhl and Albrecht Schuch, and it tells the horrific experiences of a young soldier during the First World War. Kose says the German-language performance “made it a transformative experience”.

Berger, he believes, most likely could not get On the Western Front, everything is quiet done elsewhere at the level of the budget included in the project. While Cosse won’t know what the exact costs are in the EMEA region on an annual basis, he says he has an “envelope” in which to work. Along with the names of the tents, local teams in each country are trying to make five to 10 additional smaller films. “The main effort is to try to have a balanced plan that goes hand in hand with local screenplays, documentaries and stand-up comedies,” he explains.

The company is also finding repeat business with talent. Berger is working with Netflix on limited series 39 steps, a stellar car for Benedict Cumberbatch. Lupine star Omar Si will reunite with the director of this series Letterie Export (formerly known as Tower of Power), a comedy of militants about a friend of a police officer, which lasts until 2012 On the other side of the tracks and the premiere is set to take place this year.


Further from France, Amelie a comedy on the future by Jeanne Bigbug The premiere will take place on February 11, and the unnamed Gavras thematic project is due to be written later this year and was co-written with Oscar nominee Laj Lee (Unhappy) and Elias Belkeddar (My days of glory). The site is kept secret.

The Spanish spin-off is about to end in Barcelona Box for birds. Cose explains that this happens in the universe when (original) Box for birds what is happening and what is happening in the rest of the world ”. Producer Dylan Clark (Bird Box, Batman), Chris Morgan (Bird Box, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw) and Adrian Guer and Nuria Waltz for Nostromo Pictures, including its executive producers Box for birdsSusan Beer and Ryan Lewis. Directed and written by Alex and David Pastor (Invader, ruler, carriers, Los Últimos Dias).

Cose compares the potential of the project with the potential An army of thieves which became a global hit Army of the Dead, and says Netflix is ​​committed to doing more Box for birds spin-offs, “expanding these universes by moving to different places and in different languages”.

Also in Spain is now shooting Bayonne Snow Society. Based on the book Snow SocietyThe film takes place in 1972 and tells the true story of what happens after a Uruguayan Air Force flight carrying a rugby team to Chile crashed on a glacier in the Andes. Only 29 of the 45 passengers survived the crash, finding themselves in one of the most difficult conditions in the world, and were forced to go to extremes to stay alive.

Cose explains that Bayonne has been working on a passion project for ten years, working with all the original survivors to make a film taken from a book (owned by Netflix).

As for whether future films will have a theatrical component, Cose explains, “We’re not really doing that forward. We’re actually saying we’ll watch the movie and see how we go. I suspect that something similar will happen with Bayona, but it is not laid in stone. “

Elsewhere, production is complete Troll, the function of the creature directed by Uthaug (Tomb Raider). Subject: When an ancient troll wakes up in a Norwegian mountain, a group of heroes must come together to try to prevent him from inflicting deadly chaos. Kose says the team spent a year developing the titled beast and appeals Troll “A giant four-square-foot film set in Norway … with a troll.” The premiere of the film will take place this year.

Kosse also oversees projects from the UK and Ireland. Among those on deck in 2022, there is a sporting photo of well-being Swimmers. The Working Title was directed by Sally El Hosaini, who co-wrote the screenplay with Jack Thorne. This is the true story of the sisters of Yusra and Sarah Mardini and their wonderful journey as refugees from the devastated war of Syria until the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Starring: Manal Isa, Natalie Isa, Ahmed Malek, Matthias Schweigöfer, Ali Suliman, Kinda Alush, James Krishna Floyd and Elmi Rashid Elmi.

Another UK title, A miracle, headed Fantastic woman Oscar winner Sebastian Lelia, who co-wrote with Emma Donahue and Alice Birch. Based on Donahue’s 2016 novel, the action of a psychological thriller takes place in the Irish Midlands in 1862, when a young girl stops eating but miraculously stays alive and well. English nurse Lib Wright is brought to a tiny village to watch the girl while tourists and pilgrims go there to witness the phenomenon. In the village live a holiday that “survives on the manna of heaven”, are there more sinister motives? Starring Florence Pew, Tom Burke and Niam Algar. Producers are Tessa Ross and Juliet Howell for House Productions; and Ed Ginny and Andrew Lowe for Element Pictures.

Here are pictures of other upcoming titles (with dates if they are available):

MUNICH is the end of the war: Debut Friday, the premiere of the London Film Festival Christian Schwokhov with stars George McKay and Jeremy Irons. Based on Robert Harris’ bestseller, the action takes place in the autumn of 1938, when Europe is on the brink of war. Adolf Hitler is preparing to invade Czechoslovakia, and the government of Neville Chamberlain is desperately looking for a peaceful solution. Due to increasing pressure, a British civil servant and a German diplomat are going to Munich for an emergency conference. When negotiations begin, the two old friends find themselves at the center of a network of political undermining and very real danger. If the whole world is watching, is it possible to prevent war, and if so, at what cost?


AGAINST ICE: After the screening of the Berlin Film Festival in February, Baltassar Cormacour’s thriller will go on Netflix on March 2. Directed by Peter Flint, it is co-written with Nicholas Koster-Wald (who also plays the role of producer), and it is the true story of a couple of Danish researchers who ran aground in search of a lost expedition to Artsik. Peak blinds Joe Cole’s head also starred in a two-handed.

BLACK CRAB: The next festival premiere, this time in Gothenburg, of Adam Berg’s action thriller “Scandi” will debut on March 18 on Netflix. Starring Numi Rapas unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world torn by climate change and war. During the endless winter, six soldiers embark on a dangerous mission across the frozen sea to transport a package that could finally end the conflict. Equipped with skates, not knowing what they carry and who can be trusted, the mission challenges their beliefs and makes them ask: what are they willing to sacrifice for their own survival?

EXPLOSED: Directed by Martin Safiedal, written by Emanuel Nordrum and produced by Are Haydenström (The wave) in Miso Film, a science fiction comedy inspired by the real UFO phenomenon in Hesdalen, Norway and tells the story of childhood friends Sebastian and Mikel, who met again at Sebastian’s bachelorette party. While Mikel did not have time to mature after a teenage laser tag prodigy, Sebastian turned into a workaholic who uses the party to deceive a potential customer. But if the collection encounters an alien invasion, Mikel and Sebastian must reunite and fight back like the laser duo they once were.

I WAS COMING: After his BAFTA debut, Under the shadow, Babak Anwar is the director and co-author of the story of a rebellious young graffiti artist who targets the homes of a wealthy elite and reveals a shocking mystery that takes him on a journey, endangering himself and his loved ones. Starring George McKay, Kelly MacDonald and Hugh Bonneville.

WOMEN: Debut film by screenwriter and director Nathaniel Martel-White starring Ashley Madekwe, Bucky Bacray, Jordan Mir, Samuel Small, Maria Almeida and Justin Salinger. Filmed in England between September and November 2021, the drama sees how the ideal life of a woman from the upper middle class begins to unravel with the arrival of two dark figures in her city.

I used to be famous: Directed by Eddie Sternberg, the story of a desperate former pop star who dreams of returning, and his unexpected friendship with a young autistic drummer ended production in late 2021. Ed Screen and newcomer Leo Long.

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