Cynthia Nixon on how the characters of the “Golden Age” pave the way for women in “Sex in the City” – a term

Cynthia Nixon will play another single in New York in the upcoming HBO series The Golden Agea periodical drama by Julian Fellows, dubbed American Downton Abbey.

Kim Cattroll, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Christine Davis from “Sex and the City”.

From the premiere episode on January 24, it will be clear that Nixon’s heroine Ada Brook paved the way in her smart shoes in 1882, so the ladies Sex in the big city –including her Miranda Hobbes, who could walk the same streets in Manolas more than a century later.

“I don’t think Ada could have imagined a world like Miranda Hobbes,” Nixon told Deadline. “Ada is the youngest child in the family, and she is cared for almost as a subject. I think the truth is Ada, she is very gentle and very, very cowardly. She had no one to instill her dreams in. And so her dreams are very small. But what we say at the beginning of the show is that even if she can’t dream about herself, she can dream about her young niece. ”


The lives of Ada and her sister Agnes van Rijn (Christine Baranski) are turned upside down with the arrival of their niece Marianne Brook (Louise Jacobson), who left Pennsylvania after her father’s death left her penniless.

Agnes is an old school, and it is very stable. She expects Marian to follow a tradition like Ada, but it turns out the other way around. Marian respectfully rebels and challenges her aunt in a way that Ada had not dared before.

«[Ada and Agnes’] Life is completely predictable, comfortable, but a little dead – of course, from the point of view of Ada, “said Nixon.” She has never married and has no children of her own. Her life is very stable and unpredictable. And the idea that her brother, yes whose Hell was bound much more than Agnes, left this young woman behind [after his death] who now needs us and we are able to change her life. Hell, in particular, is identified with [Marian] like a young woman on a cliff. Ada most of all in the world wants to be a guardian angel for her so that she feels that maybe people were not with her, so her life has not flourished to the fullest.

Although Ada may not yet have found true love, Marian helps her realize that she is far from an old maid. She begins to dream aloud and within the audibility of Agnes, who is not very happy when a potential groom from the past calls again.

When you feel, Ada sounds very similar SATC‘s Charlotte York (Christine Davis), Nixon will agree.

“Yes, I think Miranda would have known her ancestor in Agnes, I think much more than in Ada. I think maybe Ada would really know her offspring in Charlotte or something [who Charlotte is] it would be Ada’s dream for herself. “

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