Chloe Kardashian called for selling genuine old Thompson clothes for big money!

Chloe Kardashian summoned for selling 3-year-old daughter The real Thompsonold clothes online!

How KUWTK Fans will surely know that the KarJenner family has a clothing website called Kardashian toilet (of course, so spelled … LOLz) where they resell used clothes, some of which they used to wear.

Fans who checked out the website this week were surprised to find that it had a lot of old True outfits on it! And even worse, some products are not designer, but used Target tariff sold for three times store rate! WTF ?!

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The controversy began as The body of revenge Last Friday the host tweeted a link to the new clothes, writing (below):

“Oh, I miss Tru in these outfits.”

Users browsed the pieces, quickly seeing that many of (baby stuff!) Sell for hundreds of dollars!

The most expensive item was a second-hand dress True from an elite children’s brand Children of the Aristocrat. The site was originally sold for $ 695, but was later reduced to $ 556. For children’s second-hand clothes !!!


Other items offered include a pair of children’s Fendi jeans for $ 495, a second pair for $ 275, en Oscar de la Renta dress for $ 395, a pair of pink Gucci tennis shoes for $ 250 as well Animals sweater and a Balmain skirt for $ 675 each.

Hmm …

Later, BuzzFeed reported that Givenchy and Balmain products have been halved compared to their original large quantities. Wow, what a trade !!!

Chloe Kardashian does NOT allow adults to tell the truth
If the family is going to do it, we just hope True gets a share of the profits! I’m just saying! / (c) Chloe Kardashian / Instagram

Obviously, there are a few problems here: for example, the KarJenner family is rich in AF, and fans have rightly realized that selling baby clothes at a premium like this looks obscene. Second, celebrities like Chloe often get gifted designer clothes in promotional packages and bags, so potentially selling some of these things is quite a turnaround. Not a great view!

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However, the most controversial subject was a non-design subject! Several fans have noticed that True is old Cat and Jack branded tights sold on the site for $ 20 – which compared to designer clothes, cheap! But users of social networks paid attention to it the same couple tights sold new on Target for only $ 6.99. Almost 300% markup on used clothes ?! Make sense of it!

Twitter users did not hesitate to urge Chloe and the rest of the famous family members for parts, some reacted very strongly to the site’s suggestions (below):

“I understand why they are rich … people buy anything and for a ridiculous price”

“Who would pay that much for baby clothes, let alone used ones. Who doesn’t care about stamps. It’s so disgusting when these clothes can be donated to the people I need. “

“I don’t understand reselling clothes if you obviously don’t need the money and someone else can use it.”

“I can’t believe Chloe K. is selling her baby’s clothes because she’s growing up ..? She could donate these clothes to the poor or some charity, for example, why does she need a consignment shop for a child ??? It’s amazing “

“In fact, it’s a shame to be mega-rich and sell your children’s clothes at higher prices and not mention a children’s charity or a family charity for the poor”

Others specifically named the super expensive Target tights, sharing:

“Target brandy for $ 20 ??? In the store they cost 6.99 “

“Hmmm, tights with a cat and Jack sell for $ 6.99 at Target, why do you count them at $ 20?”

“You’re a real fool to resell some targeted baby tights for $ 20 if they’re $ 7”

But because it’s Twitter and you can find it anything on this site (LOLz), Chloe also has defenders! Some users supported the decision of the former night radio DJ to sell clothes, writing:

“I don’t see anything wrong with her selling clothes that her daughter will no longer wear. Many of them do the same in yard sales, the problem is that the price of used clothes is too high, regardless of who it is from and what brand. ”

“In a month she has done more for charity and people than you probably have. Why wouldn’t she sell them? But she is rich ?! So she has to give her things away? I sell my things and give things away. Stop Beating Her »

“No matter what! She’s famous when she does … she’s damned if she doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with selling her daughter’s clothes, she’s a good person, just keep getting bad rap. I’m so glad she had her mind. “


That’s a lot! TBF, this situation is exacerbated by the controversy that arose in July 2020 when the designer Christian Cowen publicly urged Chloe for trying to sell what was apparently a borrowed luxury dress on the website of used family clothes. Chloe never publicly responded to the accusation, but the dress seemed to have been removed from the site shortly after Cowen’s accusation.

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So could it be a different situation where KarJenners sell donated (or borrowed?!?!) Clothes for a net profit ?? Because of course it would be something! What do you think Perezcious readers ?? The comments (below) do not express your opinion on this dispute …

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN/Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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