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The charges against the Pittsburgh Steelers defender were dropped Dwayne Haskins who knocked out his tooth during a domestic violence incident.

The Clark County Attorney’s Office dropped the charge of abuse Calabria Handrezik-Haskins since her husband refused to testify against her.

Court records received TMZ The Calabria show inflicted “significant” injuries on Haskins – including knocking out his tooth – during a brawl in Las Vegas back in July.

In addition, noted in the police that Haskins had a broken lip when they arrived to check on him after he was attacked in their hotel room.

The controversy arose due to the fact that Calabria was upset that he spent too much time with his guys in a nightclub.

Everything went to the left when he returned to the hotel room that evening.

Haskins told police they were in Vegas to celebrate their engagement. He still married her, though she throws up her hands better than all men.

Check out pictures of Mrs. Haskins ’thirst trap below.

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