Carla Mendes recorded The Legend of Jack and Diana; Casting Wendy Malik – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Carla Mendes (Parks and recreation areas, 90210) will take on the role of Alvaro Orlando in indie The legend of Jack and Diana, after the departure of Orlando due to a conflict in the schedule.

He joins the cast led by Tom Sizemore, which also includes Robert Lasarda, David Timlinson and newcomer Lydia Zelmak, and production is now underway in and around the Los Angeles area.

Director Bruce White’s film is a thriller about revenge, named after John Melenkamp’s classic song “Jack and Diana”. The focus, of course, is Jack (Tomlinson) and Diana (Zelmak), who decided to leave Indiana and acquire a new life in Los Angeles. When the couple reveals secrets about Diana’s mother’s death, their worst fears are confirmed and they are forced to flee. On their way to Los Angeles to counter the evil, they create a hit list to avenge everyone involved.

Mendez will play Detective Stanley Montana, the son of notorious drug lord Lassard Cesar. His father never accepted, Montana has since fallen out of the good grace of his family, deciding to become a police officer.

Squirrels, Zelmak and Rick Geller wrote the script of the project that was initially created as an episodic series for HBO, but lost its basis amid the Covid-19 pandemic, and Whites and Geller reworked it as a feature. Squirrels and Geller produce it with Jackie Cullen.

Actress Eva Mendes’ younger brother, Carla Mendes, has made 64 screenshots in her career, the most in 15 years. He is best known for his work on television, in series such as NBC Parks and recreation areas and CW 90210.

Mendes is represented by manager Becky Paliacaf of Hg5 Entertainment.


Wendy Malik

Wendy Malik
Photo by AP / Matt Sales

EXCLUSIVE: Two-time Emmy nominee Wendy Malik (Young Sheldon, Hot in Cleveland). Mother of all shows, which will go into production in Ontario this week, and will eventually be available on its Canadian VOD HighballTV subscription service.

The musical, written by D’Agostino and David James Brock, is about Lisa (D’Agostino), a woman who mentally retreats to a 70’s pop show, battling the impending death of her estranged mother Rosa (Malik). ). Her mother presents as an omnipotent host of the show, directing players who sing and dance, playing from Lisa’s past and present, so that scene after scene, song after song, Lisa is able to work through parts of their past without losing herself in the process.

Mother of all shows also starring Anne Pornell (Sketch show baroness background), Daryl Hinds (Royal Canadian Air Farce), Juan Kioran (Six guns for hire), Phil Luzi (Bad blood), Tara Console (Kim’s convenience), Michael Miranda (Murdock’s Mysteries) and Trevor Martin (Six guns for hire). Matt Company is co-directing the film with original songs by D’Agostino, Brock and Rebecca Everett, and Matt Schichter is its producer.

For her part, Malik received an Emmy nomination in 1999 and 2002 Blush Fashion editor Nina Van Horn in the NBC series Stephen Levitan Just shoot me!. She has also appeared in TV series, including Young Sheldon, Dear white people, Physical, American housewife, BoJek the Rider, Ranch, Rush hour and Hot in Clevelandwhich appears on the film ‘s side Waiting… and Adventure Country, among many other titles.

Malik is represented by Innovative Artists; D’Agostino from Oldfield Talent Management (Toronto); Pornel, Hinds and Martin of The Baxter Agency (Toronto); Chioran of Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates (Toronto); Luzi of Grand Wave Entertainment (Toronto); Consoli by Butler Rustan Bell (Toronto) and Aligned Entertainment; and Miranda from Ankrum Artists.

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