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Brittany Renner Once she appeared as a guest, she went viral again DJ Academics‘podcast’ Off the Record ‘along with presenters’ Fresh and Fit’. Miran Gaines and Walker Week.

Miran and Walker follow the same tired formula as Kevin Samuels and Tommy Satamayor who regularly beat black women while giving women the opportunity to hate men.

Earlier, Miran and Walker warned men about dating women such as Brittany.

They began to stutter and stutter when Brittany explained that none of them were special, and she called them “tweed and tweed doom.”

She said she didn’t want to appear in their podcast because it would be a waste of time BSO.

In a recent episode Fresh and fit, Myron and Walker have been criticized on social media for disrespecting a guest Asian doll who left the set after they made insulting comments about black women.

Brittany is a fitness model best known for giving birth to a Hornet star PJ Washington.

Watch the episode below.

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