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Tired of hearing her name on her sister’s lips, now Britney Spears is threatening to sue Jamie Lynn if she continues to make “humiliating” statements about her while promoting her new book.

In a letter of termination and refusal, Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart claims that the “unfortunate” memoirs contain several “deceptive or outrageous allegations.”

“It is wrong to publicly express false or fantastic grievances, especially if they are intended for the sale of books. It is also potentially illegal and defamatory, ”Rosengart warned in a letter.

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Recently, it was reported that you stated that the book was “not about her”. She believes your word, and so we demand that you stop and refrain from insulting the mention of Britney during your advertising campaign.

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“If you do not do this or discredit her, Britney will be forced to consider and take all appropriate legal action.”

While promoting his new book, What I had to say, Jamie Lynn gave several interviews using the spotlight to comment on her sister’s life, including the recent battle to end her conservation.

In an interview with Good morning, America Last week, Jamie Lynn called herself Britney’s “biggest fan” and that she was fighting to stop conservatism.

However, in a book that appeared on the shelves this week, she also describes Britney’s past behavior as “paranoid” and “unstable”.

Since then, the sisters have been waging a war of words on social media GMA an interview in which Britney urged Jamie Lynn for the fact that she decided to release a memoir so soon after graduating from her conservatory.

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Jamie Lynn used his time on Call her Dad A podcast this week to share information about Britney’s relationship with Justin Timberlake, reports People.

Britney responded to her Instagram account, accusing Jamie Lynn of making her life much easier and making money on Britney’s fame.

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(NOTE: Spears uses abusive expressions in the post below.)

Britney also shared her frustration with her sister’s willingness to so publicly express family grievances.

On Twitter on January 15, Britney wrote, “I know you’ve worked hard to make a living you have and you’ve done amazing !!!!! But I think we would both have to agree with what the family has has never been so cruel to you how they were on me !!! “

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She later added: “We have to hold each other … but what you are saying just confuses me !!! All I know is I love you definitely !!! So let’s say whatever you want … it’s so indecent for a family to fight so publicly !!! “

Jamie Lynn insisted she came from a place of love, and asked her sister to stop the hostility in her Instagram story over the weekend.

“Britney- Just give me a call, I’ve tried many times to talk to you directly and solve it in private, as sisters should, but you still decided to do everything on a public platform,” she wrote then.

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“In the meantime, please stop the story that I was not with you or that I am making up. I am happy to share how many times I have approached you, supported and tried to help you. It’s a shame and needs to stop. I love you, ”she added.

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