BREAKING: RRR will be released on March 18 or on Eid April 28: Bollywood News

Directed by SS Rajamuli, much talked about and looked forward to RRR was due to hit screens in the first week of January this year. However, with the revival of Covid, creators Rama Charan, NTR Jr., Alia Bhat and Ajay Devgn decided to postpone the release of the film. Now we hear that the new release date of the magnum opus has been blocked.

BREAKING: RRR will be released on March 18 or April 29 on Id

According to a reliable source Bollywood Hungam learned that the creators RRR completed the EID, on April 28, to release the enterprise. «RRR a film with a big budget, and obviously the creators are looking for the optimal date to maximize box office. Given this Eid, this is the perfect time to go to the box office, as history has shown that films released around this time have shown themselves well in the box office, ”said the source. Ask a source about the contest RRR will face two other releases, i.e. Runway 34 and Gerapants 2 and adds: “Yes, RRR will face competition from both films Runway 34 and Gerapants 2. But each of the films is shot in different genres, while the audience will be spoiled for choice, it is expected that each of the films will be able to hold their own. In fact, RRR It is expected to be massively working in the mass sectors, while the other two films Runway 34 and Gerapants 2 will definitely work in the subway and in places where multiplexes predominate. ”

Announcing the same thing on Twitter, the creators posted a message saying: “If the pandemic situation in the country improves and all cinemas open to work at full capacity, we are ready to release the film 18th March 2022 Otherwise, RRR The film will be released for rent 28th April 2022. “

As for the movie, RRR it is the story of two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home. After their journey they return home to begin the struggle against the British colonialists in the 1920s.

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