BOB BISWAS is an interesting thriller based on a great script, skillful directing and great acting.

Bob Biswas review {3.0 / 5} and review rating

BOB BISWAS it is the story of a talkative killer who has lost his memory. Bob Biswas (Abhishek A Bacchan) is married to Mary Biswas (Chitrangda Singh) and has a son Benny (Ronit Arora) and a daughter Mini (Samara Tijori). 8 years ago Bob had an accident and has been in a coma ever since. Bob regains consciousness but does not remember his past life. He doesn’t even know Mary and her children. Bob is trying to adjust thanks to Mary, who provides him with all the love and support to get through this difficult time. Bob slowly forms a bond with Benny and Mini. He learns that Mini is his stepdaughter and that Mary was previously married to David (Karanuda Genjani). Bob married her after David died in an accident. One day, two policemen, Jishu Narang (Bhanu Udai Goswami) and Haraj Sahu (Viswanat Chatterjee), take Bob Biswas to a shelter. They inform Bob that he is a hitman and that he has worked for them in the past. He is being given contracts to kill people. Bob is scared at first, but soon does. His first two victims were Bubai (Purab Koli) and Rahul (Kunal Verma), both of whom were selling potent and illicit drugs codenamed “Blue”. When Bob goes to kill Rahul, he suddenly has flashes of his former life. He also understands that David died not by accident, but was killed. What happens next shapes the rest of the film.

Movie Review: Bob Biswas

The story of Sujo Gosha is interesting and serves as a good story of the origin of the iconic character from his very favorite movie KAHAANI [2012]. However, this gives one deja vu of similar films such as PRINCE [2010] or Hollywood movies such as Bourne Identification [2002]SALARY [2003] etc., where the heroes also lose their memory. Sujo Gosh’s script is very spectacular. He brought to the film some pleasant dramatic and emotional moments that maintain interest. There are a few characters, but most of them serve an important purpose and are well written. However, he leaves several questions unanswered. The dialogues of Sujoya Gosha and Raja Vassanta are sharp but simple.

Directed by Dia Annapurna Ghosh – the highest, especially considering that this is her first film. Since Bob Biswas is a character in the film KAHAANI, it was important that the action of this film was also in a similar zone. Dia achieves this very well, as the look and finish are similar to the 2012 film. The grim humor is very strong in this film and one of the USP. Aside from the thrill element, Bob’s family track is worth a look, especially his relationship with Mary. However, the film is not without its drawbacks. The main problem is that a few bits are not explained, such as how Bob lost memory. The intentions of Jishu and Haraj behind the assassination of Bubay, Rahul, etc. are confusing, and no attempt is being made to explain the motives for these assassinations. Finally, the rhythm of the film is slow, and therefore it will not be for everyone.

Abhishek Bachchan: “Faith of Shah Rukh Khan in the story and storytellers …” | Rapid fire Bob Biswas

BOB BISWAS begins with the drug mafia track. Introductory titles are a bit psychedelic, combined with drugs. Bob’s initial scenes are decent, but nothing special. Only when Bob kills his annoying neighbor (Kanchan Mallik) does the film go to another level. Scenes When Kali (Paran Bandapadhya) are admirable. After the interval the interest persists, though the leisurely narrative in several places is patient. The previous climax and climax are very exciting. After all, a tribute to KAHAANI is done well.

Abhishek Bachchan comes out with bright colors. It was a risk, because he was playing a role that was previously played perfectly by another actor (Saswata Chatterjee). But Abhishek guarantees that there will be no complaints. He has a minimum of dialogues, he speaks with his eyes and is silent, and this should be monitored. Chitrangda Singh is adorable and she lights up the scene every time she hits the frame. Samara Tiori is confidently making her debut. Ronit Arora is cute but doesn’t have much time on screen. Paran Bandapadhya is stunning. He plays a very intriguing role that deserves a spin-off. Tina Desai (Indira Verma) leaves a mark. Purab Koli is remembered in the cameo. Bhanu Udai Goswami, Viswanat Chatterjee, Rajatava Dutta (Shakhar Chatterjee) and Kunal Verma are decent. Kanchan Mallik is laughing. Bucket Raj Chakrabarti (Ustad) checkpoint. Omar Upadhya (Saubhik Das) plays an interesting role but is wasted. Dipro Sen (Ayan; child hooligan at school) is too good in the scene when Abhishek Bachchan threatens him. Half-brother Rabha (Dhon; Chinese kiosk owner) provides skillful support. Sharad Joshi (Shontu; a man who despairs of drugs), the late Yusuf Hussein (Dr. Mehta), Piyush Lalvani (Ishaan; the guy who supplies the “blue” Mini), Barun Chanda (priest) and Gulan Kriplani (Durga Dvidi; senior officer ) good. Karanuda Janjani, aka Kieran Janjani, has little to do.

The music is not a chartbuster, but well woven into the script. ‘Jaanoon Na’ played in the first titles, while ‘Tu Toh Gaya Re’ played in the background in some interesting scenes. The background score of Clinton Serek and Bianca Gomez is in sync with the theme and mood of the film.

Gayrik Sarkar’s cinematography is fascinating and perfectly reflects the area of ​​Calcutta. It is also nice to see the City of Joy after centuries. The production of Madhumita Sen Sharma, Ajay Sharma and Rajesh Chowdhary is attractive and old-fashioned. Sham Kaushal’s action is realistic. The costumes of Jia Bhagi and Maliki Chauhan are straight out of life. Yasha Jaideva Ramchandan’s editorial office could be more graceful.

Overall, BOB BISWAS is an interesting thriller and is based on the excellent script of Sujoya Gosha, the skillful direction of Diya Anapurna Gosha and the excellent acting of Abhishek A. Bachchan.

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