Banijay Strikes Deal With ’30 Coins’ Producer Pokeepsie Films – Deadline

Banijay Iberia is getting into Spanish horror drama after striking a partnership deal with Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang’s scripted producer Pokeepsie Films. Deadline understands Banijay has made an equity investment in the Madrid-based company, which is behind HBO Max mystery horror drama 30 Coins.

Producer / director de la Iglesia and actress / producer Bang created Pokeepsie in 2009 and focus on youth-facing content, primarily in the fantasy, thriller and horror genres. Their deal with Banijay will give Pokeepsie stronger distribution capacilities.

Carolina Bang and Alex de la Iglesia

Carolina Bang and Alex de la Iglesia
Juan Naharro Gimenez

“Today sees Banijay Iberia and Pokeepsie Films carve a common path with the purpose of building an ambitious slate of original fiction led by Álex and Carolina,” said Banijay Iberia CEO Pilar Blasco. “In adding this brilliant duo to our creative network in Spain and Portugal, we further boost our offering in the region and cement our position as a home where talent can be creatively free and subsequently, at their best artistically.”

De la Iglesia has been recognized at the likes of the Venice International Film Festival, the Berlin International Film Festival and San Sebastien, while Bang has won a Goya Award for her role in The Ballad of Triste de Trumpeta (The Last Circus) and has starred in several other TV shows and films.

Pokeepsie has created 17 productions to date, with 30 Coins (aka 30 Money) headed into a second season for HBO Max. It recently launched Veneciafreniathe first instalment of The Fear Collection project, which is an anthology series of horror movies from the likes of 30 Coins co-creator Jorge Guerricaechevarría, Jaume Balagueró and Fernando Navarro.

Banijay Iberia’s production companies include Cuarzo Producciones, Diagonal TV, Endemol Portugal, Gestmusic, Magnolia, Shine Iberia, Tuiwok Estudios and Zeppelin. It is behind Spanish drama hit series Hierro.

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