Armie Hammer’s Exes Compare Him To Netflix’s Tinder Swindler!

When it comes to the Army Hammer controversy, many of us (understandably) tend to focus on the cannibalism part. But remember the claim that he was using his ladies for cash?

It seems that Netflix‘s popular new crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler, has stirred up some memories for a few of Armie’s exes. The film recounts the crimes of serial conman Shimon Hayutwho posed as the son of an Israeli billionaire on dating apps and scammed various women out of approximately $ 10 million dollars.

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You wouldn’t think there were many similarities between the fake heir of a billionaire and a famous actor (who is also the actual grandson of an oil tycoon, innerestingly). Yet his ex Courtney Vucekovichwho dated Armie for several months following his 2020 split from wife Elizabeth Chamberspreviously dished to Page Six that the Call Me By Your Name star was secretly “broke” and that she paid for “everything, including gas for his truck” while they were together.

So it makes sense of the crime doc might remind the 31-year-old of her ex. He Instagram, Courtney shared a screenshot of a group chat with two other women where they commiserated over the film. The contacts were labeled only as “P” and “LP” but we’re guessing these are more of Armie’s exes. “P” could be Paige Lorenze, who accused the actor of carving his initials into her. “LP” is likely Lisa Perejma, the dental hygienist he dated AFTER the wave of accusations came out. We guess she eventually met the real Army, too?

“LP” was the first to broach the subject of the doc, texting a link to the trailer, writing that the story “sounds familiar.” Courtney replied:

“If anyone swindled me it was this mother f ** ker”

She then sent a screenshot of a conversation with the “mother f ** ker” in question, who seems pretty likely to be Army. His texts read:

“My atm account is overdrawn haha. I am officially broke. Awesome ”

“You are my sugar mama until I start making movies again.”

“Ha. I am so embarrassed but also like ‘f ** k it….’ “

When Courtney responded asking him if he needed her “card number,” he replied:

“I need cash haha”

Ugh, SO cringeworthy. And knowing this is only the tip of the iceberg of the Army’s bad behavior makes it all the worse.

(c) Courtney Vucekovich / Instagram Stories

Luckily, the Flashd app founder is able to have a sense of humor about it. She captioned her screenshot:

“Iykyk lolol so glad we can almost giggle.”

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We know it must have taken a lot of growth for Courtney to “almost giggle” at the situation, as she told Page Six she spent 30 days in the hospital to treat her PTSD following their relationship. In January 2021, she reflected on their whirlwind romance:

“He needs you. He actually needs you. It’s a full-time job when you’re with him the way that I was. I was trying to catch my breath the whole time I was with him. You’re drowning in this dark hole trying to stay afloat. There will be random moments of good that convince you to stay. ”

In her words, she was supporting the Army “mentally, physically, emotionally” AND financially – which sounds completely exhausting! We’re so glad she’s out of that situation and has a healthy distance from it. And we really hope the Army won’t be leeching from any other women ever again.

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