Angry fans, who paid thousands to see Adele at the concert, condemn the “selfish” singer for canceling the show | The latest celebrity news, sports and entertainment

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Adele angered her loyal fans when she canceled her upcoming residency in Las Vegas due to COVID cases among her vaccinated team.

The red-haired singer recorded a video in which she explains with tears why she canceled her entire residence, but fans were reluctant.

Fans, who paid thousands of dollars for tickets, pounced on the British pop star for behaving like a diva. She is said to be narcissistic, caring only for herself.

Two sisters, who learned about the cancellation on a plane from New York to Las Vegas, were left with a broken heart and angry, according to

Another family, who paid for the tickets for six months’ salary, was waiting to board the plane when they learned about the cancellation.

Thomas Wright and a friend flew from South Carolina to Las Vegas for the opening night. They learned that the show was canceled when they landed. They cost more than $ 2,500 for tickets, flights and hotel accommodation.

“When you landed in Vegas, but Adele canceled her shows,” Wright wrote on Twitter.

Fans could easily have reacted to the emotional pop star, but in the story Adele disappointed them.

An angry fan wrote on Twitter:

“I can’t stand Adele and I can’t understand how she still has fans. She let them down in London, canceled at the last minute and now again. Or she doesn’t realize it’s not just about tickets; people pay a lot of money; to get to their place [sad emoji]. And this is nonsense about COVID! “

Another fan wrote:

“You’re not doing this for the first time. I wonder how much you’re doing in your pocket to shut you down Covid? Well, I hope people find out. You should have just gone with it, but Covid’s excuse is too easy.”

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