An Adorable Wee PA – The Anonymous Production Assistant

Joanne writes in:

I was a Key Set PA on an indie feature and was in charge of a few new PAs. We were inside a house setting up for a scene. I was right beside the 1st AD and had PAs on standby.

The grips and electricians were doing their thing and I overheard one of them ask on his radio “can I get a quarter apple?” One of the PA goes off to another room. I didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes go by, this adorable PA walks up to me with a plate of apples cut into quarters and asks me who needed them.

I couldn’t help it… I smiled and pointed to the grips.

It’s okay to have a bit of a laugh, as long as you’re not a twat about it. Remember, no one was born knowing this stuff.1

And to be honest, I gotta respect the baby PA. She saw there was a problem, and went to fix it, no questions asked. Now, maybe she should’ve asked a question, but, y’know. She’s got the right attitude.

Go get that apple, and one day you, too, can be the key PA.

I mean, unless a snake gives it to you…

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