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Clearly, the season has come to celebrate a landmark marriage and professional relationship between Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Aaron Sorkin wrote and directed an insightful, funny, revealing and ultimately touching film, Being Ricardas covering many territories in the world of Lucy / Daisy, using a dramatic license to host several real-life events in one week of production on I love Lucy. Although Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem starred as the iconic couple, it felt quite real and in fact was when you discover a wonderful Amy Poler love letter to their life and time Lucy and Desi, who likes Ricardas will be available on Amazon Prime, the perfect companion to Sorkin’s film, as well as a compelling documentary portrait that is in itself.

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Poler is clearly a fan, and she got here the keys to the kingdom with huge access to home movies that have never been watched in public, as well as audiocassettes hidden for decades, allowing her, like the recent documentary about John Belushi, to create an effect that Bol and Arnaz are telling their own story, And what kind of story is that. Poler covers everything from early movie star Lucy as Queen B to Desi’s success as a Cuban music star on her own, a fusion of these hearts and talents when radio gave way to television and Lucy, desperate for her marriage to work, forced Desi out of the way. studio in the role of Ricky Ricardo to her Lucy Ricardo in the CBS sitcom, which has never aired so far.


This show was really groundbreaking, but as Poller points out, it was just the beginning, as both Daisy and Lucy were ahead of their time, and Daisy as a first producer launched his own production company at a major time producing shows like Star Trek, Mission Impossible, Untouchables, many sitcoms and more for Desilu, later sold to Paramount for a nice chunk of money. The couple’s unusual but successful marriage lasted until 1960, when after the last day of filming in the final Lucy Desi’s comedy hour Lucy filed for divorce, but the love never died, and it prevailed until the last moments of Desi’s life. Lucy left three years later, and their daughter Lucy Arnase Lakinbeel talked about those last moments between them just as touching and exciting. Lucy is just one of the respondents that Poller managed to drive, albeit a key one. There are also some limited time with Desi Arnaz Jr., Norman Lear, Carol Burnett, Charo and Beth Middler among the most famous but equally important other contributors who helped give the behind-the-scenes truth of one of the great love stories, divorce or not, and, in in particular, they include the sons of the original I love Lucy producer Jess Appenheimer and director Mark Daniels, among others.

If you’ve seen Being Ricardas, then you know about the infamous accusations that Lucy is a member of the Communist Party, by the way, quite by accident and innocent, and you know about Desi’s fraud and the important decision to turn Lucille Ball’s own pregnancy into an unprecedented pregnancy on television. In those days you couldn’t even use that word. There is a lot to digest, and this is not just a biological document, but one that really understands the reasons why this couple was and remains so beloved. Unusual color shots of a home movie are worth the price of admission, as Poler has established himself as a fairly talented documentary filmmaker. But her true achievement comes to the surface and comes up with some revealing moments to enjoy. Poler really loves Lucy, and she should. Without this red-headed pioneer leading the way, perhaps there would never have been Amy Poller. Think about it. It’s nice that she’s paying for it all with this gorgeous look at all of Lucy and Desi.

Lucy and Daisy The premiere took place today at the Sundance Film Festival. It starts airing on Amazon in March. It was written by Marc Monroe. Producers are Poler, Monroe, Michael Rosenberg, Justin Wilkes, Jeanne Elfant Festa and Nigel Sinclair. Imagine documentaries and White Horse Pictures are co-produced by Amazon Studios Presentation.

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