Alicia Wit reflects on the “heartache” after the shocking death of her parents

The Walking Dead galin Alicia Wit grateful for the tremendous support she received from her parents Robert and Dianashocking deaths. As we reported, the couple was found dead at their home in Massachusetts in December. Although official autopsy reports have not been released, authorities believe the couple froze to death because their heating did not work and one was found in a coat, according to Fox 25 Boston.

Still contemplating their deaths, Alicia returned to social media on Sunday to share a message of gratitude to her fans who have showered her with love since she sincerely shared her relationship with her parents last week. The singer said:

“If I could embrace you all – I would. thank you to each of you who treated me with such love after my last post. your words, your compassion and your kindness were deeply felt – please know that I have read them all

It’s so wonderful that she feels the support of her followers! It can make such a big difference during grief.

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A candid caption was posted along with a video of the waves pounding the sandy beach. The Christmas Lane The presenter further noted how comforting it was to hear stories from fans who felt similar pain, and added:

“Also, and especially: thank you to many, many, many of you who shared with me your extremely personal stories – your situations similar to the one I have been going through / going through still. it brings me to tears again. my aching heart feels such gratitude that I know we are not all alone in this particular pain. that from this can come some consolation and unity, some balm of deeper healing – I send you so much love, and I see you, and you are definitely not alone.

So moving. Check out the full post (below).

This emotional renewal came just a week after Witt first spoke about the situation surrounding his parents ’death. As she was quite silent about their deaths at the time, she posted on social media with a long post to explain some of the “misconceptions”, explaining:

“A month passed as I was scared, didn’t get a response from them, and called to have them check. waiting, with the phone in his hand, fervently praying that the next call would be from them, angry that I had involved someone else. knowing as soon as I heard the detective’s voice on the second line that they were gone. knowing I would never hear their voices again. the rest of his life starting with finding them in the breeze, in song, in a dream ”.

The 46-year-old man then spoke of “the circumstances of the sudden death of my parents.” Robert and Diana were found dead during a welfare inspection. Their house was a bit run down and they used one heater to keep warm, which made many think about Alicia’s relationship with them after the emotional news.

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To clear the air, she noted how “fiercely stubborn” her loved ones were, continuing:

“I was not allowed into my parents’ house for more than ten years; every time I offered to repair something for them, they refused to let the workers into their house. I begged, cried, tried to reason with them, tried to persuade them to let me help them move – but every time they were mad at me, told me that I had no right to tell them how to live and that they were all under control. it was not because of a lack of attempts on my part or on the part of other people who loved them. ”

Her full explanation and tribute can be read below, as well as a carousel of family photos.

Such a sad situation. We are glad that telling about her grief allowed her to connect with others and feel less lonely, mourning the loss of her parents.

[Image via Alicia Witt/Instagram]

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