Alice Evans Called Out By Fans For Celebrating Lily James – Who Also Allegedly ‘Slept With A Married Man’

Over the past year, Alice Evans has become the unofficial face of the modern First Wives Club. Back in January of 2021 she first revealed husband John Gruffudd was abandoning her and their daughters seemingly with no explanation – he just said he didn’t love her anymore.

It was revealed a few months later that he had actually fled dating a woman he’d met on the set of the TV show he’d been out of the country filming for most of the previous couple years. The aspiring actress, Bianca Wallace, is 20 years younger than she is. And now he’s helping her go from extra on his TV show to starring in and writing her own movie. It’s cliché central up in here.

So obviously Alice – who has been brutally honest in her attacks on her ex and his “mistress” – has become a lightning rod for controversy. Many stand behind her and her brave refusal to take the betrayal lying down, others think she’s just making everything worse for herself by making such a public mess. What no one can deny? She’s standing up for women who get cheated on and left behind for younger women… right?

Well, it’s that rep as a champion for the women scorned that was challenged on Thursday night. She posted a glowing review of Lily James‘work playing Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommywriting on Instagramwriting:

“Just finished watching Pam and Tommy. It’s a bomb. Particularly because of @lilyjamesofficial. ”

She said she remembered when “the stunning but very posh and British actress had been cast as Pamela Anderson” and was confused.

“But Lily, I doubt you will ever read this, your performance is so brilliant, so studied, so worked on, so pitch freaking-perfect whilst retaining i life of its own, that I could not take my eyes off you for a second . You WERE Pam. And I adored you as her. ”

See the whole gushing review (below):

She was so effusive about Lily James, however, that it caused a bit of a stir with some of her followers.

See, it wasn’t so long ago Lily was the Bianca Wallace in not one but two marriages!

First there were the infamous photos that came out in October 2020 in which she was making out with the co-star Dominic West. Not only is he married, Lily is coincidentally almost exactly 20 years younger than he and his wife! The whole thing was a huge scandal – though that marriage seems to have somehow recovered.

Then Lily was reportedly one of many women Army Hammer was unfaithful with, allegedly having an affair on the set of Netflix‘s Rebecca remake. That was when infidelity was the worst thing the Army was accused of.

So when fans pointed out Lily also “slept with a married man,” Alice was put in a quandary. She responded directly:

“I know and as you can imagine I am 1000% against that. However I found myself asking ‘can we celebrate a wonderful performance whilst at the same time disapproving of the performers real-Life behavior’ and I would like to think I can. “

The old art and artist separation, huh? Hmm. Always works in theory, but… have you tried to go back and watch a classic Bill Cosby TV episode lately? She continued:

“I haven’t been put in that situation yet – and god knows how I would react in my own situation but my ‘ideal Alice’ would like to think she could separate the two! Hope this doesn’t offend anyone in my situation !! Remember you can reply or DM me anytime. I would hate to hurt anyone or make them feel I am not on their side!

One fan did take offense, firing back:

“I am surprised Alice, it kinda feels like you are saying it’s really not ok that it happened to me but it’s ok if it happens to someone else and I’ll actively support them.”

Alice defended:

“God no. Not all all. I’m saying we should allow appreciation of artistic talent to be as separate as possible from what we know of the artist. (people managed with Picasso pretty well!) as I say in one of the responses I cannot predict how I would feel if I would be the wife of the person this actress had slept with, but nonetheless I try to keep an open mind – that if she were to make a brilliant film I would be able to judge her / it on its merits and not let my feelings about the actress affect me. I know! It’s very idealistic! But one can but try! ”

Oh come on! She’s telling us she’s going to watch the Bianca Wallace movie with the objective eye of a film critic ?! Sorry, no way.

When another fan just said, “I’m surprised you like her!” Alice compared Lily not to Bianca but to her younger self:

“I know but hear me out: When the online trolls started going after me in 2005 because they didn’t think I was right for ioan, they were so awful about my acting skills, and I ended up believing them! I lost all my confidence. (it didn’t help that the hub was too scared to lose fans so didn’t stick up for me but the point is: I LEARNED A LESSON. I dont know why they were hating on me. I still don’t. I have never, ever slept with another woman’s husband nor will I. I have never abused a person nor will I. ”

Finally she stated:

“But seeing such an incredible performance from Lily I felt compelled to give credit where credits is due. It’s the way I’ve always felt. Bit feel free to discuss! As you know I very much enjoy cognitive and rational discussion, about anything !! Love you xxxx ”

But… what if the Ioan / Bianca movie is like really good? Big kudos coming? Sorry, just not buying it!

What do YOU ​​think? Is Alice sending mixed messages? In denial? Or is this just healthy compartmentalization? Let us know what YOU think in the comments (below)!

[Image via Alice Evans/Instagram/Jimmy Kimmel Live/The Late Late Show/YouTube.]

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