Alexa Nikolas Says Britney Spears Apologized To Her – As The Zoey 101 Feud Continues!

Somehow, this decade-old drama is still heating up!

Jamie Lynn Spears‘memoir put salt in a lot of old wounds, particularly for her sister Britney Spears and former co-star Alexa Nicholas. The two of them actually had their own drama back in the day, because the pop star reportedly came down to the Zoey 101 set and threatened Alexa’s career on her sister’s behalf when the young actresses weren’t getting along. But now that they both have beef with Jamie Lynn, the pair have become unlikely allies.

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For instance, in a scathing (since-deleted) Instagram post in which the Toxic artist called her little sister “scum,” Britney wrote:

“The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s ** t but your [sic] f ** king lying just like you lied about Alexa Nikolas !!!! ”

Following this social media solidarity, the Nickelodeon alum posted on her own IG:

“Thank you Britney Spears! You are an inspiration. ”

In the caption, she added:

“Brought tears to my eyes. You inspire me and so many others. ”

But it wasn’t just the public support that Alexa was thanking the singer for – apparently, Brit had reached out to her behind the scenes. When a follower commented that “You deserve an apology from her,” the momma replied:

“She did apologize childhood wound fully healed. ”

Aww! We love this full-circle closure moment!

alexa nikolas, britney spears: apology instagram comment
(c) Alexa Nikolas / Instagram
alexa nikolas, britney spears: childhood wound healed instagram story
Alexa added another “thank you” to Brit on her IG story. / (c) Alexa Nikolas / Instagram

Unfortunately, that olive branch didn’t put an end to the Zoey 101 drama. Another co-star, Chris Massey, spoke with TMZ about squashing the beef between the two TV roomies (you can see the video HERE). He mused:

“I think maybe if I arrange like a sit-down, maybe, I could do it. I wouldn’t mind having everyone, not just them, I feel like everyone sit down together and just reminisce and talk about old times and just kind of see where all of this is coming from. ”

However, when asked about the accounts of bullying behind the scenes of the show, he said there was “never anything unwelcoming” about the Zoey set, stating:

“I don’t know what that is. Bullying was not a thing and I think with people right now and bullying stuff going on… it’s a touchy subject to just throw that word out there on people, but [there was] definitely no bullying going on on set. ”

So, Jamie Lynn says she was “a little on the friendship fringe” of the Zoey cast and that she was bullied by Alexa. Alexa says she was bullied by Jamie Lynn. And Chris says everyone was welcoming and no one was bullied at all. SOMEBODY has to be lying here!

Of course, Alexa was quick to take her ex-castmate to task, posting on her Instagram Story:

“Oh God. Chris Massey do not speak on my behalf. What I experienced was real. Don’t gaslight me. I would never sit down with people that consistently try to convince me that what happened to me was not real. Yesterday I got an apology. This beautiful human did not deny my reality and instead [apologized] and now my childhood wound is healed. You saying it never happened is no longer needed nor is it the truth. ”

She added:

“Also, your mom knew ALL about it and was actually very nice to me during that now time. Your comment about those days is just feigning ignorance. You don’t have the power to discredit my truth. I’m asking you to stop now. Kindly. Take care. Is TMZ on your call log? ”


alexa nikolas, chris massey: TMZ response instagram story
(c) Alexa Nikolas / Instagram

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In a follow-up post, she shared text from a DM she supposedly sent to Chris, after he allegedly asked her “to let people know he didn’t bully me even though I legit never said that.” Her response:

“You don’t actually care. You are just trying to clear your name. You will do only that which makes you feel better about yourself.
I spent years having my truth walked on and stepped on. Denied. Thrown aside. Ignored.
I’ve been gaslit on too many occasions to count.

I don’t need you to validate my truth anymore. I’m okay. I know what happened. I’m secure. ”

The 29-year-old continued:

“You didn’t bully me Chris. You watched it happen and didn’t do anything about it. You didn’t mediate when it was actually needed. You didn’t care. Really…

But what I don’t appreciate is you lying and then lying in my DM’s.
I don’t trust that kind of person. I’m seeing a lot of red flags.

I also don’t trust anyone that blindly supports anything. That’s pretty scary.

It’s funny that now you remember that particular day but didn’t care to mention it when it actually mattered.

You weren’t a friend after all. Take care. ”

alexa nikolas, chris massey: dm response instagram story
(c) Alexa Nikolas / Instagram

Phew! Also, what “particular day” is she referring to, hmm ??? There’s more twists and turns to this drama than an episode of Zoey 101!! Oh, and as for the prospect of participating in a reunion, Alexa said:

“Nicole left PCA and will never return

Britney and Alexa mending fences after all this time is huge, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen with the rest of the cast any time soon!

[Image via Alexa Nikolas/Britney Spears/Instagram & Nickelodeon/YouTube]

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